Lambros oh my God. Did you Lambros see he was off. What is up? What is up? What is up at [inaudible] dot com you’re watching Lambros if you’re new to the channel, I’m Lambros Steve and we’re at an undisclosed secret location. I can only show you the ground and behind me, beep, beep, beep is the mercy logo on the tow truck to sad day. Ladies and gentlemen, in a minute we’ll find out what the problem is. And uh, I dunno. I think it’s, I think it’s totaled. James seems to think it’ll be easier, but we’ll find out soon. Stay tuned. Oh my God. My Lambros cars on a tow truck. What has happened, Jimmy, to resist the temptation. Whoa. Struggle around me. Resist your toe. Do a burnout while you’re coming off the tow truck. Hey, you better resist his tow truck. Not crushing him. Toes all jack you up and your tow truck. [inaudible]

I’m going to get a massive straight right here. Oh, it’s scraped. The side of mercy there. They’re the Rock, right? You Lambros hit her. There you have it. The header has melted the coolant line or the waterline and now they’re going to get in there on the road. So, but if not, I don’t know what we’re going to do. Okay. If people were here with Eagle, it’s very sad right now. This beautiful engine got all dirty and nasty and uh, we got some parks that are jacked their, um, everything else looks great. The a wrap is looking awesome, but we’re going to go eat and try to catch up with the rest of the supercar homies from the meat today. And uh, I guess I’ll come back in a bit and we will get a video that tells you what actually happened. What happened. James already knows it’s a waterline. He thinks, I don’t know. It’s a coolant mine too close to the headers he says, but we’ll see when we get back. If his engine stopped blowing, I’ll be surprised. That’s all I’m saying. Poor back to tow. This is what it takes to tow a Lamborghini like four miles. Just kidding. It was more than four miles, but you know, 168 bucks and like, look in here. There’s just water spraying the Henderson. Oh, you’re spraying. I said, God, it’s just this thing so screwed. It’s got, have to get a new engine.

We’re so screwed. People. What people? All right,

it’s me and evil mercy logo. We just finished up lunch with all the supercar guys and we are headed to back to John’s job to find out what the damage is on the mercy of logos. So you Lambros have to stay tuned and find out, but hopefully it’s not permanently broken. No, he said he’s sending somebody to home depot to get some parts for parts at home depot. So it’s probably good green light. You Lambros gotta go

here. We run it. I think it’s fixed. Cleaning up.  messing around. Well, there you Lambros have it. Jimmy Palermo’s running. Seems like everything’s fixed. There’s no problems. Now we can go tear it up again. So here we go. Here we can’t, we can’t even continue this video. We’ve got so much car broke down, went on a route, everything for fun. So thanks for watching. Make sure to drop my lights. Turn on notifications. Hey, one mercy law goes back on the road. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] Oh my God. And you see who was off routing and that garage and doesn’t really like it at all. I was coming up out of the car.

Well are you going back to the, we’re going have to go back to the shop Roland to jumped right up the curb. Right off the curb. Yeah. Oh my God. No, I hope we didn’t bend a rim. Oh dude, this is crazy. Just got the rap now we’re going to go quick trip, get gas and uh, scope this thing out. That was awesome. [inaudible] what happened there buddy? I got it off. I decided to go off roading. Oh my God. Oh yeah. It didn’t get the rim. I got the front end though. Dammit. Oh yeah. Just another bummer.

I should’ve probably hit the cliff cleft. I forgot about that. After you Lambros went affiliate all that. Yeah. Well I figured I was in the ditch and Mike will give you something again. Get going. That is awesome. Well, uh, you gotta give you some footage going back to the shop, I think. Quick trip back to the shop. Big trip. We’ll go to the body shop this time. So No. Oh my God. Oh my God. It’s never ending with Elan Marcy logo. He’s like, let me show you some fun. And then next thing you know, he’s in the grass. We got to go back and watch this. We’ll be back. Okay, we’re back. So that literally we left the shop and literally are back within six minutes because tapes just went off roading in his car. [inaudible]

you did pretty good on the wills. let’s see if we can get an interview with Mr Google mercy logo. So you Lambros want to, uh, want to tell everybody what happened there. We talked about hello. Well do a little off Roadin it’s called traction control, which it doesn’t, it actually works. What hex type tracking controller. So it screwed me up. So, uh, we have a traction control button that will take the traction control off. And I didn’t have an, I mean the tracks control was calling. So once the car went sideways, it recognize the tires or losing traction. So they didn’t, you back jerked me back, which set me off the road. So anyway, guys, how crew it, yeah, just stay on the gas and the big deal. Just another front bumper. But the number three, number three, yeah. Oh my God. If not for the most serious of these things are really good, I go, you’d be surprised.

It actually was. I got some good footage of the, uh, back with the dust flying everywhere and the, your engine on, it’s definitely going to not be clean now because I’m sure it through crop all up in there. Oh yeah. My, my, uh, the guys that detailees cars, they love me. And just when you Lambros think today’s over, this happened. So, uh, what’s in store for the mercy logo? I don’t know, but we promise shenanigans and they happen. So thanks for watching. Make sure to drop a like, subscribe, turn on notifications, all them and stuff and figure the fame and sorry later guys.