Lambros! This is if you new to the channel, I am Lambros Steve Today I’m sporting my, I do this, elevate your life gear. Uh, thanks a lot to my homie that hooked me up and sent this to me. So it’s actually kind of cold in Tulsa. So the little a Hoodie that he hit sent me works out pretty good. Um, we’re in sand springs. I’m really close to Evil Mercy’s house. I think a lot of people think I live in San Springs, actually live in Bixby. It’s quite a drive to get over here, but I’m gonna go visit my parents. I’m going to stop by Jimmy’s house. And then later today we have an event. We’re meeting a bunch of cars that are coming in from Arkansas for a supercar event. We’re going to the JRP, just the golf carting golf carting go carting track that’s in West Tulsa to do some 50 mile an hour gusts powered go karts.

But in the meantime, we’re going to go see him when mercy, then we’re going to go to waterfront grill. They’ve got a place roped off and there’s a bunch of cars headed over will be here in about an hour and 15 minutes. So new little visits in sand springs do another test. We just lowered the Lambo Slingbow again, so I’ve got to make sure that it fits Jimmy’s driveway. We’re really tweaking it to make sure that it’s like low enough but not too low so that it rubs on the breaks and whatever is underneath there. So not breaks, but whatever it is. So stay tuned. We will be with a bunch of cars. I know that a, we’ve got some exotic, some Lambros coming over from Arkansas, so stay tuned. We’ll be back the party. Certain people

I’m back and we’re pulling up to the angel of mercy mansion. That’s a, we’ll call it evil mercy mansion in the Huracan.

Let’s see here. I’ll let you Lambros see the view as, I didn’t really tell him I was coming. So Tang is, I have that garage door opener to get into this massive property. So kind of sneaking in right now. So hold on, I gotta you get pulled in here and then I’ll hit my button and then we can go through the gate. Ah, all right. This is it. We’re going to go roll down the hill. I don’t even be home. You know what I mean? I don’t even know if he’s home. We’re going to maybe go in, whether he’s here in autumn of braking

this mug and a, or try to sneak into this mug. I’ll just leave it right up here. I’m pretty sure we can make it down the driveway without jacking with it. So we’ll go in here and see if we can, uh, find Bam, Bam, the deer. Stay tuned back. Just kidding. I, um, bought this months ago for Jimmy and for Anita. So it is a toilet roll talker when you shake. Oh, I’ve got to turn it on. But it basically does, it basically does Trump quotes while you roll the toilet paper. And since I have Trump toilet paper, I thought it’d be awesome to get them a Trump toilet paper roller. So I’m going to go give this to him later. You found Banda dear. Hey, let’s go see if we can find Jimmy inside here and give them some toilet paper roller that does Trump quotes here. And I just presented Jimmy with the talking really rich. It just goes on our southern border and I will have Mexico pay for that wall trying to reach me. I don’t wear a toupee.

We’re going to put that in the guest bathroom so that needle have to hear that quiet will kick your ass. She won’t hear it in her bathroom. They’ll just be like, when guests come over. So she put in her bathroom. Oh, we’ll put, okay, so we are putting in her bathroom here we go later and we got this here. Money from Jimmy. What do you then James Refresh off the press fresh off the press. Now don’t, don’t pay attention to Jimmy’s injuries here people, he, this is the aftermath of him jumping the curb. Dope enters into that. But, but look at this money. We’re gonna, we’re gonna take this money and when we get to the event, I’m going to start throwing it out the window. I’m going to start like throwing it up and seeing if people chase after it. I think that’ll be hilarious.

We’ll take, we’ll take these dollar dollar bills. It. Listen, this is like five grand. Okay. I’m going to take five grand and I’m just going to throw it up in the air and see how many of these supercar Lambros go running for it. That’s what it’d be fun think we should do Jimmy is take this here money and take that car. That’s what they’re going today. They’re going karting tonight, but that’s a drift cart. Look at this guy, so this is a drift car. Now. Pay No attention to the bottom of the frameworks. A little scrape. That was not me. Pretty sure. That was cute. That was not me testing it out at a Ryan shop. This whole center I’ve tried. It gives what’s called this little bish. We’ll get it. Oh yeah, this is fun. Yeah, it’s fun. Once they put the, they put these pieces on the tires so that it has like, it’s like being on ice slides. It clamps are awesome. I love it.

I know what happened. Are you the only one that ended up buying one? I don’t know. I think there was like maybe five or six guys, but we’re supposed to be like 10 or 12. So yeah, rescue Lambros need to come up with it. Do like two grand. Homeys get one of these for two grand from Ryan. Cost at synergy motor works. That’s what he say. Sells motorcycles. So James was telling me that, uh, you’re actually bringing um, all the bikes home, right? All the motorcycles will be in here. Look at this. Is this a little cake picture area?

That is actually a real giraffe guys. I know it looks, but James actually has a pet baby giraffe as well as a deal. So go figure. But we’re going to get this drift trike out and uh, I’m going to leave, but we’ll come back later. Maybe driving around. Have some fun. It’s boring girls. That’s a drift trike at right there. We’ll just spin, spin, spin on up. I read this a few times. Oh, and it’s adult size. Yeah. Hey, we’ll be back later today. Maybe a whole separate blog will just be about the drift trike. It’ll be fun. We’ve just made it back in the her calling and we got a hall balls to jinx to get to the river walk to get to waterfront grill before all the other supercars get there. So, uh, stick around and uh, thick and 18 minutes I’ll be there. That’s how long I need to be there at 18 minutes. It’s about a 25 minute drive. So we’ll see if we can make it

for Mac. It is 12 o’clock on the dot. And I’m like a minute away. So I think I did pretty good. Uh, I can’t confirm or deny whether or not I was speeding. I’ll just tell you that. Uh, I made a 25 minute drive, about a 17 minute drive. We’ll just say that. So, um, we’re about to roll up. So, uh, I think, uh, Jeremy’s here, I think a lamb, bro. Ryan is here. He just got pulled over, so I’ll have to get some video of his ticket on behind a really slow Silverado. Thank you, sir, for pulling in front of me and going slow. Oh good. He’s turning off. Oh, thank you God. But Ryan got pulled over in  97 in a 65 he just texted me. Um, he was sitting in the police car when I text him, so we’ll get here and find out what the outcome was of that. And then I think Austin’s calling me as well. So I’m guessing that he’s probably here or he’s on his way, so let’s roll up and see who has arrived at the event. They’re supposed to have an area roped off for us, so, oh, here it is. Oh yeah, here we are. Wow.

Marnie, seven and a 65 huh? Yeah, yeah. He wrote you 10 over. We made eye contact and just kind of Wade was it on the highway would need, he followed you here. We’re going opposite directions and ended up finding an audit ramp turning around. They have a great story of how he caught up to everybody and he’s honestly super nice. Yeah. It was a hypo. Yes, yes.

For chill. He was like, uh, okay. Start it out. A little hostile. He was pissed and then he realized it was Ryan also. Yeah, he was like, by the way, this watch right here. This is the one and only, all right, I’m going to find a parking spot will be back. We are here pretty sweet cars. So we’ve got lane bro, uh, Jeremy over here. But this one you Lambros have not seen. This is actually by the way you do in showed us in the garage. He says, but this and ticket back to Brian. So this is okay. Now you Lambros have seen the go dos before. Look at the wing on this thing, but that is the original verdict. Ithaca a same color as mine though. This is a 2011. Um, I love these cars. So sick and it’s a spider. Let’s see if he happened to leave it unlocked.

Nope, he did it. I’m trying to go into it and then look at the green seats and then we’ll get down the road here we’ve got a Zl one Porsche, a Mustang, a Dodge Viper, a dodge viper, a dodge viper, three vipers. But down here. Sneaky Little Huracan heightened. I read when they’re say grand sport corvette, but look at this Huracan Oh and that’s the 10 16 wing. He was just telling me about that. Uh, he just got, that’s a pretty cool, we can wing. We got to admit it looks pretty good. The only thing is like, let’s check out the fitbit. It’s a little tight on that side. Who Do you Lambros think about that?

It’s big. It’s a big wing. I don’t know. What do you Lambros think? Do you like it? And then we’ll get those seats or are black with gray. And this is the six 10 dash four can you tell by the front bumper? So we have a new land bro and Lambeau. Ryan is here. So we’re going into water front grill. We’re going to go have some grub and then hopefully get back out for some more shenanigans and see if we can get some people pulled over. So stick around and wait for here. And Jinx. PD has showed up and we like to police are good. Just not where we’re going a hundred miles an hour. But I was wondering if I could pay you guys off so that we could get out of here. We got, this is our Amazon money. I was going to make it rain over here today. So we are not paying the police off with fake money. No, that’s not happening.

What’s your favorite color? Okay. Uh, we’ve been hanging out with chinks PD. Uh, luckily in Oklahoma, not in Florida. Works have cool cops here. So I’ll pick it up the cars and then some kids came up to get some badges. Just fun. So I’m going to see if these guys will let me do donuts around their car. So we’ll see here in a minute if federal happen. And then, um, after this we’re going to Jrp to go do some carding. I don’t know how much video on, I’m going to have that, but um, uh, police support your local police. We love the police even though when they pull us over at a hundred miles an hour, they’re there to protect us. Thanks for watching. Make sure you subscribe, drop a, like, make a comment, all that fun stuff. And we’ll see you in the next video.

Well, we’re on the road. We got Michael Cote violent right here. We’re not speeding.16 ,five miles per hour right now. We’re following the green bird. Ain’t get the car. I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s like a couple little turbos are on back in there somewhere. you never know. We’re off to a JRP. We’re heading to go do some cardio and a Mike over here is going to do a mini race card. Set up a go for right. So stick around. Maybe there’ll be some more action. Almost the JRP. But uh, since we’re almost there, I thought I would try to get some shots of everybody coming by. and the rest of them are caught at the light. Let’s forget about it. And here we go. we’re on the track at Jrp Tulsa. Apparently there’s two tracks and upper and a lower.

We’re going to park all our cars, uh, somewhere out here on the track. And then, uh, I brought Michael with me and we are gonna I think we’re going to do a kart race. When you think, Bro, I don’t think I’m going to win because he’s already predicted it. And uh, I’m going to try not to crash. So we got the family. This is where we’re stopping. We are inside. I think this is apparently a pretty special part. Pretty sure we’re all supposed to be filming in here. Just kidding. Um, I dunno if you can pick what this is. It’s a BMW or something.

I don’t know what kind of car it is. Looks like it’s got the drivers on the side. It looks newer, not nineties big Wayne and then Sam second nasty dollars. It looks like it’s Matt can’t take care of the dog. This is the  start to step I’m in a, uh, another BMW over here with no roof. Yeah, no. well, I think that’s the fun. We’re going to go race and not cry. Try to crash, um, and get some video of us racing, uh, the go cart. So that’s all we got. Michael. We have to say goodbye to the people. No, stay here. All right, thanks for watching. Make sure you subscribe. Like comment. What else? Share with someone. Michael is the new blogger professional. Ready? Say, see you in the next video. See on the next video, boom. We out.