You’re going to tow my car. And you said I was going 20 over

Good morning. Lambros I’m Lambros keep if you Lambros knew the channel. I’m Steve and I am in Las Vegas. Let’s look at this. Open that light. We’ll put a glare behind me, but let’s look where we’re at today. Sunday we’re in Las Vegas at the encore, at the win. We’re going to head over that way toward the Aria and head to Houston’s place. We’re going to royalties out of cars were I’m going to leave my car for a week or so until I can get back and get it back to the east. That’s right. I am moving my car back from Los Angeles back from Newport because bull fest is coming up and I want to go to Miami. So stay tuned for some footage on that. But first today we will go find the car. So we’re going to go to a parking garage. You get the car and then head over to royalty later. Okay, what is up? We have made it to hell, his parking spot right by the door on the first floor. So and haul out of here. That’s, I start this thing up. Let’s see what it sounds like from inside

that’ll wake up the neighbors. All right, let’s go hit the strip when I play umbrellas. All right. So we skipped, um, royalty exotics because I decided to drive home. So we are somewhere in the middle of Arizona, I think almost a Kingman stopping to get gas because you Lambros know, we only got a hundred miles left. It’s in the red area. So we’re going to try to hit, I don’t know, maybe this travel stop got skipped the travel stuff. I see a sign for a travel stuff, but I don’t know where the travel stop is. So anyway, we’re going to get gasoline somehow or other and uh, we on the road. So I guess this log is turned into a road trip. So we’re road tripping it back to Oklahoma. The Lambo comes back to Oklahoma today.

What is up? It’s Lambros Steve. I am somewhere in the middle of Arizona and I am attempting right now, decided this, I’m going to attempt to set, I booked it up. I’m going to set the world record. We’re driving a Lamborghini the most miles in one day. And from Arizona, excuse me, from Las Vegas to Oklahoma in the shortest amount of time ever. Now at this point, I think I’m averaging about 145 miles an hour. I slowed down a little bit.

just saw that I could get some video. What State Jeremy? Because

we’re sending a record.

okay. I didn’t really say anything, but uh, that is a cop is a cop and let’s just relax here for a second and see if he just turned his lights off. Well, they will be respectful to you. There he goes.


So I was just trying to be very respectful and I just said, yeah, I appreciate any grace she can give me. Um, I was going up the hill and, uh, I was just going to read some cars and I definitely, definitely had been speeding. Um, but you Lambros know, any, any gray she can give me would be amazing. And he said, the gray side we’ve given you is not taking you to jail. So, um, so anyway, another ticket and uh, I guess I’ve got 954 miles until I’ve got 1,003 miles until I get home. 13 hours and 30 minutes says I’m gonna arrive at 6:18 AM. So I don’t know if this is going to slow me down for a minute, but uh, I’m going to run up here and get on the road and try not to pass that to Bergen. So here we go. Okay. What is that Plan Bros? Well, I just got pulled over and uh, Arizona and I’m in Coconino county and just want to, I just recorded it. I realized a, in recording it that there was quite the, uh, I don’t know about glare, but you just couldn’t see my face and so

no, I’m on the side of the road and I just got pulled over by the highway patrol. So here we are.

Luckily I did not have my dad’s tag out because, but the officer asked me to get out of the car immediately. And so I got out, he took me, let me get my second. My son took me back here. Have you Lambros put my hands on the, uh, the wing? And then immediately started cuffing me and he said, well, you’re going to jail today. Asked me how fast I was going. I said, I, he goes, you Lambros don’t have to spend them. It is. I said, yeah, it’s 75. I think I was maybe going 20 over. I was a passing some cars up the hill, sir. I really don’t know how fast I was going. And he said, well, you passed another trooper back there in about random, off the road and a, what are you doing driving in a green Lamborghini so fast? What’d you think was going to happen?

I’m like, I don’t know, sir. And I kinda chuckled. And he said, you Lambros think this is funny? And I’m like, no, I don’t think it’s funny at all. Um, he said, well, you’re going to jail. Hope you, uh, hope you Lambros plan for that today. I’m like, so he handcuffs me. It takes me about back right here. Um, at my, at uh, the trooper is sitting here and the other trooper that was off duty pulled up right behind me and essentially he said he had the other trooper confront me and the guy said that about clipped the front of his bumper off when I passed him, which I don’t think is the case, but I guess if he says that’s what I did and maybe that’s what I did. Then, um, he put me in the back of the car and he said, uh, we’re going to have some grease monkey come tow your car.

So take about what you did. And I’m thinking, what? I’m going to get pulled over for going 20 over and they’re going to tow my car. You’re going to tow my car. And you said I was going 20 over. So then I’m in the car, he gets in there, does the Coconino county sheriff truck. So then I’m in the car in the police, in the police car. Of course, all these cars I pastor come to by me. Um, I’m in the a police car and uh, him and the other officer kind of chuckling in the back and say something and then he gets in and I just asked him, I said, hey, you Lambros know, I’d love to know if you feel like give anybody any grace today. I’d love the grace and uh, don’t write me a ticket. But he did write me a ticket. He said the grace is not going to jail. So he decided he was not going to take me to jail. And so now here we are in Arizona by the Paras, Zona Wildlife Park attraction and uh, given the car, a little bit of a rest since we got pulled over, given the legs a little stretch and then we’re going to try to go avoid, they’ll popo going forward. But we are 13 hours and 30 minutes from home. And uh, I guess here we go. So the first excitement of the trip is getting pulled over in Arizona, getting a big fat ticket.

Okay. I am still in Arizona and I’m cruising it 81 with the speed limit, just Trump to 65. And I’m literally, I’m not kidding guys, I’m getting passed by Toyota Camrys. Right? That’s what’s happened. So since they got an APB out of my whole family, uh, for driving too fast, and I bet they’re not going to throw in the rest of this guy, he literally flew past me going at least 90 in a 65 and his Toyota. So I guess I got about 13 hours left of a driving slow. We’re still on in Arizona, almost 300 miles from Albuquerque. Now we’re going to race a train. They were actually going to get beat by train [inaudible] trucks. But the goal here is to get out of Arizona and to at least events accounts. So here we go.

well, here we are. It’s the end of the road. I won’t bore you Lambros with the details of what, 12 or 1300 miles looks like from Nevada, from a sexually Las Vegas all the way to Tulsa, Oklahoma. But, uh, I’m in the home stretch. Uh, so far I’ve only received one ticket. It happens to be the biggest ticket I’ve ever received in my life today. So I’ll share about that in another video. But, uh, thanks for watching. And, uh, I did not end up doing it in one day because I was tired. So stuff that Santa Rosa again, but uh, thanks for watching. Make sure that you have subscribed, throw a thumbs up on the video, turn off notifications, all that fun stuff. I’m Lambros Steve, I’ll see you in the next video.