I’m a passenger. He went insideĀ  my car, man. What is up at slam row? Steve, you’re watching Lambros we are in Miami, Florida. Where actually in somewhere in the keys we’re going to key Largo. I think what we just showed up at this gas station and what’s happening? That water is like spraying water on their cars on his car. Oh my God. Anyway, have a lot of drama with police. Apparently it’s the police’s job in Florida to come direct traffic at a gas station. So already filmed it, but this is going to edit it and just get ready for the drama. We’ll be back. Okay. We just met our first police were somewhere on our way to key Largo and they’re telling us we have to fill up and go fill up and go. They’re like, you Lambros gotta go, you gotta go [inaudible] what’s going on? I don’t know you. I just never been directed to get gas by police officer officers.

well I guess the police are now directing, telling you Lambros how to go get gas there. Literally directing, telling us how to go get gas. [inaudible] I dunno. I Dunno what’s going on, but they got two state troopers here and they’re literally telling us how to back up and where to go, when to go, where to back up, what we have to do, and then get gas and go through the personal security for the, uh, um, for the gas station. So [inaudible] there’s maximum Hogan. [inaudible] so here comes all the cars. [inaudible] yeah, apparently I’m Steve [inaudible]. Steve, how are you? Good. So really the two state troopers over there, when we pulled in, we’re literally telling us get gas or lead acid lead. And she’s like, I’m like, so we pulled them, we’re getting gas will then pull up and get gas. I’m like, I don’t know. She just anal. So I walked up to her deal with this guy [inaudible] so I don’t think they were expecting that after we came in that, uh, all these cars, Max Logan’s over there, all these cars we’re going to be rolling in. So we’ll see what happens here. She’s like acting what’s at? I’m a passenger. He went inside. [inaudible]

why are you, I don’t understand what’s going on. Why are you Lambros jumping? Everybody’s ass. We just come here to get gas. So what’s the problem? You’re obstructing the fricking block over there. You keep cars on it. We couldn’t even get through there. Pay For you to throw your lights on and do it. But we can’t come to any complaints we list out here so you can’t get, well, we’ll do what we can do because this is America. So we’ll do whatever the hell we want to do. Thank you. Freaking kidding me. Like you’re going to tell people who they have to get gas and go. We’ll leave when we’re ready to leave. [inaudible]

apparently they think they can just tell us to get gas and leave and we’re in a public place. Last I checked. So this is private property. Go in there and that lady, well I have a guy in there taking a giant dump. Okay, so can I wait on him? Okay, good. I wrote you Lambros are very aggressive and you’re parked in a no parking, so go right ahead. Okay. We’ll probably be gone by the time that y’all truck gets here. So I appreciate you. This is the fun. Apparently you’re not allowed to come get gas in a group in Florida because they will harass you. It is against the law to fire gasoline in Florida fairly right? If you need gasoline and your friend has to take a dump, you need to go faster. That’s the deal. So we’re not in a place, we’re in a correct parking spots, so we need to leave.

So it’s two, two female cops that are trying to run, run. Thanks for us. So anyway, that’s all the drama I got for today guys. So I don’t know, maybe we should go do a first amendment audit on them and uh, get there given batch over. I don’t know what we need to do here. Thanks for watching. Make sure to drive patients and always respect the police, but that doesn’t mean the police get to do whatever they want to do and tell you what you can do. Tell you Lambros that you’re on private property when you’re in fact in the public right away. By the way, I’m a tax paying citizen. So this is private. I don’t think so.

Don’t get us. Come get us. Does that put us up at [inaudible] dot com or can you do the channel? I’m Lambros Steven. I just landed in Pensacola, Florida. Just in time to find my great friend, evil Mercia logo in his wheelchair. So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to, you got my bag and we’re going to try to send him down the stairs. He doesn’t know I got the break. Nobody. You’re going down the stairs here. I’ll go down backwards. Kick you. How’d you get this wheelchair? Do you have to like go check it out or just there’s a place that sells them.

We’re going to take that. Let me, let me tell you that there’s a miracle happens every day at the airport. What’s that? When you get to get on the plane, you sell the people get onto the plane and then as soon as the plane lands, they miraculously jump up and run out and there’s like 10 wheelchairs. There was nobody in them. That’s awesome. You’re like, so I could get on early. I’m in a wheelchair, but when it’s time to get off, I don’t need to, I don’t need a wheelchair. So what kind of card or we get, I don’t know. You got to keep her here until we get a lambo. Oh, I wish no lambo, but we’re going to go find, yeah, we’re going to slam it. You’ll find the beach and uh, maybe go find us another gnome and another, uh, other Hawaiian Santa. Oh yeah, we’ll be back. And he didn’t know what car he got. I don’t know. It’s something. It’s out here. Look at this.

The insurance you have, the wheels are going to be a rude. Oh, here you go. We got the insurance for sure. You only put this in the trunk back. You open this thing. Did someone’s crowbarred this bitch open. Come on guys. You gotta see this trunk? Someone already popped over the crowbar. Oh yeah, them trying to crank it up. Pop it open. They didn’t know that, that the truck truck giving another red. Let’s get this thing. Hell yeah. Here we go. Well, there’s a good chance we’re going to get arrested in Pensacola, Florida. That’s what’s going to happen. We’ll be back girls. Here we are. We are in the dodge charger, challenger, challenger, t r t 5.7 liter. And look, it’s got the uh, what do they call that airport? Yo Apple. Apple. Apple airplay for apple car is we are not listening to radio is the radio was into the engine.

Look at that like dash up in there. Evil mercy’s faces. Even inhale it up. I’m looking good. So, um, we did find out what the deal was. I finally investigated enough to find out that James has figured out in the last two weeks that tried to rape baby tigers workout like you expected are talking when you should be listening. Oh, talking with other must have come from the, from a Mrs. Evil is talking when you should be listening. So we’re going to head to, I guess we’re going to get somewhere close to the beach. We’re going to get sick. I get something to eat and then we’re going to get something to the close to the beach. You know what? I forgot what we can flip flops anyway. Colored by some. We’re going to a nudist colony. Yes. I knew this was gonna happen. I told James on the texting him from the plane and I’m like, it’s the weirdest thing.

They made us take all our clothes off so they like drop weight or something. That’s right Lambros. The the, the stewardess keeps Barton and laughing. Laughing in foreign laughing at Parker number. All right, we’re going to go find food and then I hear the beaches here are like beautiful white beaches. So check that up. Move you back later. All right. All right. Here we are. We have figured out where the traction control button is and that is oops on. Now it’s interesting. Control Sport and we bout to go run this here corner just to kind of see, you know, just to test things out. Right? You just got to evolve. We’re just testing it out and I have to, everybody buckled up. Okay. [inaudible]

yeah, yeah. Oh that’s a cop. You gotta catch his feet, his pants. PPP, PPP. Already working on what you’re going to have to do to get this out of that ticket. Oh God. Oh, it’s a, it’s a family show. It’s a family show. So family show saying like, Oh yeah, we’ll be back. We’re going to try to get into some action here. We see a police up here. We don’t know what he’s doing or who he’s after, but we’re going to see, I don’t know if you guys can see that. It seems like it’s about a mile. It’s a ways up there. So I’ll be back when we get close for the cop on this guy I don’t even think is a cop. The Cop, Oh fuck. What’s it called? Police come get us. Come get us James. Like Lambros.

He probably was asleep. He probably knows. There’s no way to get back. Take him an hour to get back to you. And he’s like, leave. No Bro. He’s radioed up to the spring. Probably with a blacked out for real though. I could see like I couldn’t see his lights once we got, maybe we got far enough down the hill that we could put. We’ll uh, we’ll be back with some, maybe some action. If Jimmy gets it. He gets arrested and people Merce gets arrested. This will be Arabic. Oh my God, I learned an next coppos. Okay. And they got somebody pulled over these guys. I smoked some donuts around them will get their attention or serious. Oh yeah. This is an elementary school teacher. The root. Hey, always record the police. Make you real pockets. They got to the one dude got some backup. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. They’re like, ma’am, you’re driving way too fast. City of Gulf breeze. We apparently have traveled into the city of Gulf breeze, wherever that is. So let’s see here. Here the edge here. Cause I’m like, we’re going to chick filet homies. We’ll be back. I stopped you today is because she had your emergency lights on. She just waved at him and he just went back.

I lately, I don’t know. I don’t know. Panera bread looks like their clothes. It says now open, but no, they’re close with lights are all off. We cannot find a food place around here. That’s a canine unit right there. Don’t mess with the canine unit. He got a dog in there. This is Gulf breeze and apparently we’re real close to Pensacola beach. It’s like right down here. Waffle house. You know they’re open a week. We going to waffle house. Hell yeah man. I wish I could’ve picked it. I mean if you said what’s the number one place you want to eat? I would have said waffle house. I don’t want to have the light shining. In her case, the Poteau had a problem with it. They’ll show do seem like it louvers to get over to waffle house. Kristy, Kristy to the root shoot. Oh yeah, you can’t, we stuff the intern. We just did a u turn because every mile we see a popo and I think we’re about like we just passed one. James said he’s got to get sneakily to the meeting tomorrow, but I told him he can sleep when he’s dead. We’re coming back to, for me to calm thing, he’s already got somebody. Oh he did? No, that’s an ambulance or fire truck. Okay, so where do you go? I don’t know man. We’re going to find us a popo tonight in accrued over there. That’s an ambulance Lambros.

So I’m not going to say were taunting the police because we’re not. It’s just like [inaudible] by accident. By doing this, we’re going to do it if we’re not going to attract them. You know what I’m saying? I don’t elaborate on his tires. No. In this car, if this car makes it back to the rental place, they’re going to be like, all right, we got another one. But the tires on there shucker Karch only got 5,000 miles with the tires are bald. We just put them on yesterday. Oh God. So we just finished their waffle house and we’re cruising down along the the coast between, uh, we’re basically between Panama City and Pensacola heading to someplace we don’t know. But, um, well it’s a cop. So we’re just, we’re just trying to get some action from the Popo here and we can’t even go find them.

So we’ll be back in a minute. When we do find the police seen of our side, we have traveled from Pensacola down to, or kind of like Fort Walton beach or something down here in Florida, James. And they’re taking a massive dump. No, he’s not the friend who’s taking the Fed dump in the Miami police video. But we’re literally right on the beach. We got the, they call it the, um, is this called the burn room or the, the Dune Room? The dining room. Because when we look out these doors that, oh, I’ll just show you Jason the showers. Ready? Come on buddy. So there’s good news. That is the beach. So tomorrow morning I’m going to get up, get up and go do some work on the beach. Jimmy just, aw man. Oh, that’s bad. You brought that with you. So thanks for watching. Make sure to subscribe. Drop a like, comment