oh dude, you’re stuck. You might not be, you might not be getting out of this one call. Hey, call Beverly hills cops. They can pull it out.

we did not get enough of that. very aggressive. Oh yeah.  like a big fucking  good. I’m going to get it out of the good of there. There, there, there, there. Hold on. We have framed the perfect shot. All right. Shoot raw shoot dirt.  oh, we’ll be pushing that. I’ve been getting out of that one. Hey, you’re a splitter is probably spinning.

Dude. You’re stuck. It might not be. He might not be getting out of this one a call. Hey, call Beverly hills cops. They can pull it out. You got this one? Worst pain. Yeah.

Oh, look at this. married oh dude, that looks good.  work there for the evening. What do you think? Think you’re kind of stuck but not too bad. Playing in the dirt with Damon. You might have some rocks in your under . Well, at least you didn’t wash your car before this.  rock flying through the wheels. Well, I mean, look at this Damon chicks out. You literally have like gravel. We got a wallet chains out. There’s a little bit of gravel inside the wheel here. Dirt everywhere. Oh, you have a bit? Hold on. Let’s see. I’ve got some dirt in there, guys. Hold on. Oh, there we go. Oh, that’s all it was. That’s nothing. Yeah, we’re going to have to do, that’s not the expensive. We could probably do a driveway with it. Can you just say a little bit of this out? Oh, I’m on. Yeah. Oh, we got a bit of dirt in here, guys. I think if you just go like one 50 it’ll come out on the car. No idea. These tires excomm your tires are really good in the dirt. Pick. Yeah. Possibly a rally tire WRC. Do Not Follow Damon for the rest of the day. You will not have a windshield left. We’re doing good. Stop Yours.

this is card. Can we not learn writing in the park? Wow. You were one and then everybody was like, I want to do. Did you get it?  ready? Daddy?  fuck off.  okay. yeah. all right. I’m releasing this on my channel before you can see it. Like  okay.  okay. I think that’s it. It’s the A, in the Saturday we just saw Damon doing donuts on rocks off a cliff. George Barks. And, uh, maybe we’ll get into some more shenanigans. Maybe not, but, uh, I’m going to cut the video off at this point please. I know I’m up to very few subscribers. Have you each share this subscribe, like, comment, turn on notifications, all that stuff. Lambros Steve. Oh yeah.

Glen Rosa,  Dot Com if you’re new to the channel, I’m Lambros Steve and you’re watching Lambros. Today is Saturday. It’s supposed to be the biggest cars and coffee, caffeine and gasoline. We call it a Tulsa, uh, of the year. It’s down at the expo. It’s in conjunction with the car show. So we hooked up. Oh listen.

Oh, I’ve missed it. Just shot another plane. Ah, do it again.

Come on Bro. Oh, that was so hot. So obviously Lambros were Jeremy in the yellow. Guyardo the flame thrower and Eddie’s up front. Just sell a Joe. We’re going to head down there and see what kind of action. If you notice, I’ve got my Lambros tee shirt on. These are now on sale, 20 bucks for a Lambros shirt. So just best to me if you want one on

Sydney one and uh, we’re going to get on to see what kind of actual we can get to get into at Cafa gas. But we bought the hall. We’ll be back.

Oh yeah. Get some claims out of this. Dardo people  lights on. well we left them in the dust. Five to Freddie’s here now. I’ve been here for about six minutes. These guys just rolled in because they followed all the mustangs on the highway and little did they know you can get into Harvard and get here. So I don’t know what that is. Motorcycle. So anyway, we’re here. We’re gonna hang out for a minute to who shows up. We’ll be back in the seven 20 yes. And he did have the doors up, but spot 44  on the white light. You can make it.

Hey. Hey, Freddy. Freddy. When he gets out, he gets, he’ll be like, dude, what’d you do to your shoes? Seriously? Well, he loves his shoes. And so let’s say he’s the Lambros shoe guy. So every time I ever time I see him, I’m like, Hey Lambros, let’s go over your shoes. And he’s immediately like the Freddie one of parked all over the white line. I think you have clearance. Oh yeah. Oh, awesome. Forth your shoes. Oh yeah. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. This is this. I come here and they look at this seven 20 all the way to all oh way through.

Oh yeah.  pretty tight. And then bought it lights up a little bit. There’s some red in there and you can see it says seven column. Yes, focus. It won’t focus four liter twin Turbo v eight. But we did find a car that’s very similar to the mercy because of the tire stickers. Check it out. The toil, proxies. These are the same tires that are on the Lamborghini mercy long ago. The Eagle mercy Haga same stickers. James is going to love this. He’s getting these redone. Oh, Maserati over here on the top. By the way. It’s freezing out here. You drive bro. You want to start it up for what? So yeah. What’s car dude? We got, we got a new land bro in the house. He’s like serious dude. He kept on the wheel. You messing around. Can you touch the gas pedal bro? Let’s try and get it.

Oh yeah. Got It. I got it.

Woo. Here they’re smiling. They’re like, oh, we love kids. Froze. We um, let some kids in the car and then it is so cold. It’s so cold that, uh, we just couldn’t take it anymore and I don’t know what happened, but it just got cold and Tulsa, we’re supposed to have rain coming. So, um, we pretty much rolled out and now we’re trying to head back down south. I’ve got the uh, Lambros in tow. Jeremy’s behind me and we’re gonna navigate through downtown. Uh, trying to head the two 44. I don’t think I really know where I’m going so I’ll be back. Made our way back to South Tulsa and I’m following the Mclaren and we are probably done for the day. The rain is starting to come out. Uh, the police are here with eight. Is that for real? Three 27. Oh, it’s not quite a month old. The, the Glenpool police, how they tag them. Nearly expired one. If they want to rate, let’s rate, let’s say if they want to race. Oh yeah. Here we go. Come on for, see if you want to raise, turn the light off.

here we go. Here we go. Here we go. We’re going to race you.  you out of your jurisdiction anyway, Bro. Lambros. Come on. Any lights us up on 30. Oh yeah, you want some? He wants it. Let’s go. Let’s do it.  they don’t have that right, are going, they’re going to probably go into the probably going to city hall. Let’s go pull these by hand. You’ve got Jeremy back behind us, probably almost out of their jurisdiction.  here. We’re going to, we’re going like real far out here. Oh good. They’re turning  and yeah, they turned off because they didn’t want none. They didn’t want none of this. Show the Lambros later. Hey. So I don’t know if you should keep watching. I think this is probably the end of the road for us. Uh, there have been no police shenanigans except for that. And uh, probably gonna roll in and do something off camera, maybe on Canada. But, uh, if you watch the next video, make sure you subscribe, like, comment, all that fun stuff. We’ll see you next time. Later.