boom, boom, boom.

What is that plan [email protected] if you’re new to the channel, I am Lambros Steven today I’m in beautiful Miami. Uh, well I was in Miami beach but now we were in Miami at prestige imports and Lamborghini Miami. So today and tomorrow and part of the part of yesterday is a bull fest and this is a awesome event. Uh, I couldn’t miss it even though my car is broken. I will give you Lambros an update on that soon if you haven’t heard, but, uh, we’re just waiting on some of our homies like Matt Kim and a few other guys to show up from the hotel. So I’m going to hang out here, check out all the cars. I will get some shots of these amazing cars like that Aventador over there and then, uh, we’ll get our homeboys when they get here. So I’m going to stop saying stay tuned, but I’m going to say I’ll be back. Okay. We’re still waiting on some friends to arrive. I’m trying to stay away from the, uh, non royalty free music that they’re jamming over there. But I wanted to give you a look at a couple of the cars that are here. Check out this per day.

That’s a hernia. You Lambros can tell the difference here. This is my first Guyardo yesterday, which is I think what I’m going to Spec the, um, which I have specked the Iba and then that is the mantis. So people are like, oh, it’s the same color. No, it’s not. That is the Ithaca at all. If it shows up at the camera and then the semantics. So also both knees

can see they’re a little bit different on the color. Now what’s interesting is when you’re specking the evo, you Lambros think when you do the, um, interior stitching words, the green contrast stitching, that it’s the same color as whatever you would put on the outside. But it’s actually not. Uh, I will try to remember to go find it in my Spec, what they actually call the color. But it’s a, some type of other verday thought. If the gun, it’s not, um, Mantis, but it’s some kind of green stitching. So as we are waiting on everybody to get here, I’ll give you guys a quick run of all the cars that are lining up now. This is a dealership, so there’s a bunch of cars out here. They’re for sale. But uh,

can we have lined up so far? What’s Lucky’s? Eventually we’ll roll. Okay Lambros

okay. I’m here in Lamborghini and I have just seen quite an amazing car.

That is a purple Lambros

Lamborghini. Aventador s VJ is the Nuremberg ring leader. Okay. This car is so bad to the bone. Um, don’t want to miss the number getting a bit too door roadster. You’re that’s hanging out. But I’ll get a, a proper rundown of the SPJ. This’ll be a video in itself while we’re waiting on some of the guys to get here. But this thing is amazing. Let’s check it out.

[inaudible] that CSV. Jay. I like it. Do you Lambros like it? I haven’t seen it in purple yet, but, uh, I think that’s pretty amazing. And, uh, just as a bonus, this is a apparently the three d lambo. So let’s see. Let’s see if we can three d glasses glasses up to the camera. You’ll see if you can see, I don’t know if it’s working. Okay Lambros. We are at Lamborghini Miami. This is bull fast. We’re having a great time there. Just cars rolling. Anna. I think there’s going to be 150 or 200 Lamborghini for, it’ll be here today. That was the Stj. That is an amazing [inaudible]. [inaudible]

that’s all wrapped up Lamborghini.

Okay. Lambros okay, I could

barely hear that. Okay. We’re rolling down the street in Miami. Uh, I think we have a hundred or so Lamborghinis and maybe a BMW or to rolling around with us. That is a car. That’s that carbon fiber, like all different color carbon fiber wrap. And we got it. Let me see if I can get it. Oh, him on the Instagram. So we’re going to take off and get my, try to hold this camera. This had and doesn’t remember. This is a really rough gear shifter. Okay. What the bridge trust. So here’s the deal with sub traffic all the way down the road. Cars gone crazy there. Smoke bombs go in and uh, it’s a party.

we’re heading down to key Largo to have lunch. It’s going to be a long drive. I’m not going to video. Thanks for watching. Yeah, I love your Lamborghini. What do you think about that? That’s a mini, so thanks for watching. Make sure you Lambros like, subscribe, comment, Sharon, do all that stuff. And I will be back. Maybe when we get down to key Largo, maybe there’ll be a new bed coming, maybe do blog.