People. We got a land bro down land, bro down people. Mercy logo is out. It’s out of commission.

What is that? Blue Ambrose’s Steve if you Lambros near the channel, I’m Lambros Steve are, we are on the exotic cruise after Africana and gasoline and some pretty crazy stuff is happening. You hear this? The cops, there was like a trailer the whole lawn mower. That’s crazy. Thanks. The spine is dry there. You Lambros got the whole road blocks. It’s wide open. That means all the camps and Betsy are back there, which means none of them are where we’re going. So we have about, I don’t know, there’s about 40 cars. We got ego burst, several dogs vipers, a couple of acrs and uh, it’s game on boys. So there’s no police. They’re all back there. Morgan accident, the whole town.

oh, here we go. Okay. People, we are on the cruise or on the side of the road and I’m about to,

you Lambros get a fly by. Let’s see what the GTR can do. Charge of there. So this guy can do it. The whole crew coming yeah. Okay. Now that we’ll see if I could just, let’s see if we just stand here over my shoulder.

This is the other Huracan. Lambros fast. She goes,

she thought we were broke down. Keep going

your time. Jeremy and the Guyardo.

Here we go. Here we go. Lambros I think we got a couple of people jumping in like a dodge truck that joined us and a couple of Hondas. We’ll be back. Okay. We’re just dressing down [inaudible] in Mexico right now, but I got a Gtr gonna vibrate cr in front of me and my brakes car behind me. We’re hauling down through the back country of Mexico [inaudible] video a minute ago when some of these other people are going [inaudible] we’ll be back. We’re going to eat, so we’re going to try to not get arrested and go eat, so maybe, maybe we’ll see some more cups.

People. We got a lamb bro down. Lambo down people. Mercy logo is out. It’s out of commission. I don’t know what happened. There was apparently some coolant flying everywhere. A host busted grazed. The new headers that are in there. Um, he’s way back there. I think they’re bringing a truck. I’m going to go try and get some video. Um, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but he was spraying crap everywhere. Parallel. I’m getting pictures and video of it, but you know, of course I was out in front of the Huracan so, uh, I’ll throw some video in here once I meet up with him. But a lambo is down. Lambo down.

Do you have a lab? Wrote down everything he can to catch him and help them. We’re coming for okay. We just arrived. Um, James is up here in this parking lot somewhere. We’re going to the police again. We’re going to try to find it. I think I see a shiny car. Trucks just got here. We made it just in time to see him. Oh, Brett’s here with the uh, um, yeah. Ford Gt. Sweet. How are we going to get it up there? Rose? That’s going to be the fun thing. Here we go. [inaudible] lamb bro. Down lamb, bro down. Oh my God. Are you okay?

In the meantime, let’s check out this sweet for gt. I mean, I’ll see one of these every day. Unless you’re Brett and you have any other option. Pretty hot, sexy. [inaudible]. See what the problem with the mercy is? A conceal the fluid. It’s here just strip. And that’s all true. Things get super hot. He’s trying to get it on this flatbed right now. I don’t know if it’s gonna work great. It’s going to be bad. Hey, let’s just burn it down bro. Just trashing at this point. By the time you get it, I bet it’ll be total. No, I’m just gonna put a man. Jimmy, what did you do to it? Why do the same thing along with you and went way overboard on the engine and we ended up putting a Lamborghini. Racing is awesome with the headers, which you Lambros know, once you take the factory Lamborghini stuff out and then you figure out, well why, why now you have these headers because he put out a tremendous amount of heat and the heat keeps burning through my waterline.

So schnapps, second one. So anyway, they’ve got, they say speed sport. John over speeds force and they’ve got the cure. Bring it over and over the, it hooked me up with a, I don’t know, get me back on the road today. They’re both, everybody can’t eat. He had everybody come in on Saturday to get this bad boy back on the road. All right, you Lambros heard it. I don’t know what’s gonna Happen. I think it’s down guys. I love you. This, he says that’s cool, but I think it’s oil. I don’t know if you Lambros notice, but the Huracan still running just fine. Just the mercy. Mercy. We’re hooking it up. Look at that. You’re not going to get to the tow hitch. This is really bad, bro. This is really bad. What if a youngster, oh God. Dan [inaudible]. [inaudible]

if that cable snaps were dead, here it comes. It’s going to happen. Thanks to allied telling get right here and get that to happen. We’ll be back when it catches on fire. Okay Lambros, that’s our, uh, exotic run. We’re going to go have lunch now. Uh, we don’t know what the fate of the mercy of logo is going to be, but it’s heading over to John Shop for him to look at it and hopefully fix that hole. As you can see, the coolant or oil or whatever it is, is all over the road. He’s going to ride on. He’s going to ride in the tow truck because nobody drives his car. Nobody. But, uh, thanks for watching. Um, I’ll come back with another video on what has happened to the mercy logo and then just back on the road quick. We don’t know until it gets down there. So thanks for watching. Make sure you subscribe, drop a light, turn on notifications, all that fun stuff you’re watching. Lambros we’ll see you in the next video.