The wheels are back on. Um, minor problem is this thing sits on way that it sits with this body kit is just Jack. So we’re just going to continue to screw this bumper up. What do you Lambros think? I should rip the whole front end of the thing off again and get rid of that fiber left. Crappy. I don’t even know why I added that. It’s don’t ever put a body kit on a Bentley. Yeah.

What is that rose? I’m Steve Lambros Steve, if you’re new to the channel, please at this moment stop right there and click on that subscribe button. Hit a like on this video if you like it so far. And if you please turn on implications. I need more views on my videos. Um, Google tracks, how many hours watched I need to be able to monetize. So I really appreciate it if you would, you know, stick it on a playlist and put it on loop. Watch all my videos and share with somebody please. But today I am driving in the Bentley and I’m hopefully going to hook up with evil mercy logo here. And a little bit and do some shenanigans. But in the meantime, the bad thing about having a bitly, well let’s talk about, the good thing about having a Bentley is I just got these bad to the bone floor mats that are cool.

Thank you. White Glove. And if you Lambros check out my previous video, um, we just took the car in there to get them installed a couple of days ago. So, uh, so check that out. And if you’re in Tulsa around and you need a car stuff done, checkout Myron at white glove. He’s pretty amazing. But today, because I have 20 twos on my car and because we are in Oklahoma, your wheels get bent all the time. So Dino’s tire and wheel was amazing. And helping me select some pretty sweet. It almost like a gold, almost like a bronze, a wheel that goes against the white, which looks really good. But I think two days after I’d been to him, so we’re going to go down to Dino’s and uh, see if they can fix them, see if they can knock the bend out of the wheel. So that’s where I’m heading.

And then after that, uh, we may hinder them all and make some more Lambros hats. You’ve got to do that at lids right now cause we don’t have a merchandise store and um, I don’t know, see what kind of shenanigans we’ll get into. But in the meantime we’re just going to like see if we can haul down to Dino’s in the rain and cold and uh, you know, normal. Try not to get arrested so stay tuned. Okay. We are just now rolling up to Dino’s this places like I live in south Tulsa. This is like the furthest part of South Tulsa to 44 separate south and North Tulsa. And we were like right there. So it’s about a 20 minute or so drive, uh, to get there. So I’m going to pull in here and there we are places iconic in this area. So I was going to pull in here and parked the car around back because I’m sure they’re going to want me to pull it in one of these bays back here to see if they can, uh, fix these wheels.

I bought the wheels here. And what’s interesting about the a Bentley is it comes with a 20s. The stock wheels are 20s, but someone put 20 twos on here and I tried to go back down to 20 or 20 ones. The problem is you can’t find a 20 or 21 inch wheel that fits the front brake on these things. They’re massive. And I’ll show you real quick. Um, there, literally the break is so big, you can barely fit the gap that’s in there. You can put like a, maybe a business card that’ll fly through there. Those weren’t breaks are so freaking huge that I can’t find any. So I had to go back to 20 twos. And when you’re in Oklahoma, you’re on 22, boom. You’re going to bend the wheel. So let’s hop in here and see what they can do.

Right there. That’s the band. Yeah. You Lambros gotta go in a little bit. Yeah. Those little side things are, let me think one more. What do you Lambros the jacket up? Pulling up. Okay. Slight little problem with English side bleeds that are on the side. Skirts was like racking it up Jack. Go whole for this parking brake. Okay. All set. The parking break? Yeah. The parking brake on this thing is right there. All right. Knew he pulled back up. Is that okay there? Okay. Yeah. The parking break might be important. Huh? I don’t work on cars. Someone else’s scope lift up.

Now it’s not going to move the . Now we have the wheel off so you Lambros must check out what it looks like behind the Bentleyville will wheel. They’re just been break and then he’s going to end it on that machine and he’ll be able to tell that it is completely bad and that’s why we came here. Lots of five. We’ll be back. Now he’s getting it so you can see where the bend is all the way through the other side. Huh? been. I don’t know if they’re going to start hammering hit or what they’re gonna do, but we’ll see what they end up with. Okay. He’s been back here for a while. Let’s see what he’s got done. Let’s see if he’s got that sucker. Unbent check it out. Get it fixed. Did had been back at all. The folk get it yet. How did it do? Did it move? And now on to the next. It’s not, it’s not leaking but definitely bent. So we’ll check it out. Wheels are back on. Um, minor problem is this thing sits, whether it sits with this body kit is just yet, so we’re just going to continue to screw this bumper up. What do you guys think? I should rip the whole front end of the thing off again and get rid of that fiber lab. Crappy. I don’t even know why I added that. It’s don’t ever put a body kit on a Bentley ever.

Even the side shirts are just crap. There’s fiberglass crap. So just need to like take all of that off, all of it off. And then I will not have that problem anymore. So, but this is the latest cracky is every time you Lambros put the sucker up anywhere you see that. I’m not gonna point the finger or anything, but there’s definitely, Carlos definitely did it. So here we go. We’re almost done. Okay. We’re back in the Bentley hope

fully at this point. I won’t have to put air in my tires again every day, but let’s just see how far we can get without, without bending another wheel. That would be the trick is to try not to like hit a pothole adults, which is probably impossible. It’s actually, I’m certain that it’s impossible. So, and in the process of fixing the will, I don’t know what happened with the, uh, the list. This thing has a, a lift on it where you can go normal or high and I raised it up like right now it’s lowering, but I raised it up when we went in there, but um, I don’t know what happened when we were coming out, but when he dropped it off of the, um, the Jack, sorry, I’m backing out and talking. When he dropped it off the Jack, the Jack was underneath that front hood, like that front bumper and just what you just heard it going.

couldn’t do anything to stop it. It was, it’s bad. This spread bumper on this thing, this a body kit that I put on here is just, just sucks and so just shows you like I was there and I told him, Hey, no big deal. This thing’s cracked anyway, but, um, I’m sure Dino’s, they would have told me, but you gotta be careful where you Lambros take your car when it’s in the back and they’re messing with the car like this. You Lambros never know what someone might do to crack a piece or something goes off and then they just pull it on out and act like it was already there. So luckily we were with a really good place to tell me and I already knew, um, when I was standing there, but I already knew that we already had cracks. So, um, I’m going to go tool around and, um, try to find evil mercy logo and, uh, we’ll probably make another video when that happens.

But for today, all of the fixing of the, of the, uh, Bentley continental gt super sports is done for now. And then in the works, uh, I dunno, maybe I should put a new body kit on it. Maybe I should go back to the factory bumper. I don’t know. But, uh, keep watching. If you Lambros haven’t subscribed, please subscribe. Turn on notifications and please share it with someone. And if you can, you know, throw it up and put on a playlist, watch all my videos. That would be awesome. I’d appreciate it. Thanks for watching. We’ll be back.