You don’t take them off. Don’t take my lamb, bro. What is that play for us at [inaudible] dot com can you the channel? I’m Lambros Steve. That’s a evil mercy lago back there. We’re in the massive garage. We’re just hanging out. We’re just doing our thing. We’re really just running that wrapper with, by the way, I should do a review of, because it’s not really a raptor. It’s like a F-150 that got converted to your raptor. It’s freaking crazy, but we’re just hanging out. You Lambros know?  got the Lambo back there. You Lambros got the Bentley, the mercy stolen the shop. Sure. You’ve seen that video already, but anyway, we’re just chilling.

It’s the pump up the sand spring Popo. Jesus rolled in. We think that when we started up the rafter and revved it, that it, it set off the alarm for the neighbor’s house. I’m trying to figure out, figured out where all that noise. It sounded like a dad gum gun went off. Hey, no, let noise. They know where it came from, so claim down. He’s like, he’s this, we’re going to start this thing up. Wallethub over here. Take her. She’d go buy him a rib in the rafter. Yeah. All right, here we go. Let’s go scare them. Scare the locals, will be back on.

Any excitement can alarms to go off over there. So this is the guy that blew the alarm. You Lambros know that, right? That was it. Yeah. He’s revving up. That damn wasn’t me officer. We’re just stealing people’s mail. We started at the velociraptor and got the police after us. Can you put your lights on? That’s not good guys. We’ll be back. Okay. We decided to go recruit the police to listen to the loss wrapper. [inaudible] well that’s about all I can take you about. Kako. Dot. Cut the wheel on firearm. So you get my light on here. Whew.

Now we need to set up a race. Raptor gets the Land Cruiser versus Lambo. What do you Lambros think? Is it a bit late? Rafter. Lambo. Raptor police cruiser. There’s Darrin fame. The infamous, so I don’t know. We did. We didn’t get the police. Our team this time. See, not all police are idiots. Not all of them. This is sand springs. We have good police. They respect citizens’ rights. When I started filming, he didn’t, he didn’t make it to do about it, but, uh, I think, uh, we’re going to set up a little race. Let’s get a little thrown. All of these issues. These, they’re like Ford explorers. Let’s go through real quick and see what’s what they got here.

Oh yeah. High Tech police cruiser with the spotlight. Talking about a good cop, a, uh, a buff cop that actually isn’t like a big old tub that can’t chase him, but it’s pretty freaking hot. But so rather than my hometown from front where I went to school, we got a good policeman out here. They respect citizens’ rights and other just come for an alarm. So we outta here. All right. I don’t know what he did this time, but he’s done. I swear what me officer, we’re done. Huh? Who was that guy right there? Nope, it wasn’t me. It wasn’t me. Don’t take them. I don’t take my land, Bro. Don’t take my land, Bro. No, no bull folks there that we got Jimmy out of the handcuffs. Uh, we have Batman’s here checking out the Bentley where I jacked it up from the previous video and we wrote the little dirt bike around. Just found the rafters here, the boats here, the mercy’s coming back. We’re going to go have some more fun. Uh, maybe get the police called again. We’ll see what happens. But apparently the raptors so love it. It set the alarm off two houses town. So there you Lambros go. What makes me sane? Springs police later, Bro. Thanks for watching. Make sure you Lambros subscribe. Uh, drop a, like, make a comment and do something like that will be in the next video season.

Good morning. Lambros if you are new to the channel, my name’s Steve or Lambros. Steve. And if you notice in the background here, we have my Huracan because I am Ken California and that his Lambo Darryl. And I thought for the start of our day we’re heading to La to do some fun and Shenanigans. But to start, let’s get the cold start. This thing has literally, did you start it last night? It hasn’t been driven in like three weeks. So let’s hear what this exhaust sounds like. You’re ready to roll? Yup. Light it up. Now this is not going to do it justice if you’re not in person, but it’s still loud.

they drive and there is quieting down. It gets a road. Shots on the road. Go rolling down the road on our way to la. You have to hear the exhaust in. Uh, Darryl’s car isn’t mom, mom, mom.

it’s so sexy and he’s baby in it.


Mama’s to Los Angeles. Well, we’re in the burbs Lambros.

total run kind of snuck up on me there.


There are so many tunnels in la, man, we must go fine more tunnels. But in the meantime, we’re going to exit. We’re almost to upper crust. Uh, one of my favorite pizza places in La. [inaudible] on Beverly drive. And uh, we learned a few minutes and we’ll get some pizza. Okay, we’re slowly making our way to a upper crust. Uh, we’re in la traffic. This is what it looks like if you’re in La, whether you’re in a Escalade or a lambo, it’s 17 minutes for 3.8 miles. I think it said 39 minutes for seven miles. So I’ve probably made up a little bit of time, but this is what happens. And, and girls hanging out behind me army, you’d see him. But here’s the other Lambo and uh, soon we’ll be chowing on wonderful pizza. Stay tuned. Okay. Okay. We finally arrived on south Beverly drive. Thank you ways. She finally got it right and navigated this all the way through all the back roads. I mean, Darryl’s back here somewhere.


yearly. Hold on a second Lambros. We’re barely 1.1 miles 0.1 miles from the upper crust pizza. Darryl and Joe, I think I almost left him at a couple of reds lights, but like a true, true lambo driver he ran, ran them. Well, I’m not saying any random, I don’t know if there’s any video evidence of it, but it appeared for my view that it was red and then he didn’t stop. So I’ll just leave it at that. Now I have got to go pee pee. So when we get there, I’ll try and get some video going into the store because it’s a pretty cool or the restaurant. It’s called restaurant, but I’m not going to take you to see, I don’t even see me p so you shouldn’t, it’d be bad. But uh, we’ll be there in a jiff like half mile away. Beverly Drive, south Los Angeles, upper crust pizza. Here we come. Boom. I don’t know what that’s about. We have arrived

at upper crust pizzeria. Let’s go in here and see what they got on the menu for today. Darryl’s, are they in here? We’ll get some good sunset outside Pharaoh. Let’s get a quick look at the goods. Oh, this is so healthy. Coca cola in t four giant slices of pizza. At least I got vegetables on my pizza. No, you got veggies on his, I got tomatoes on mine sites. You guys are taking pictures, videos, traders or fruits, vegetables. Tomatoes are not a fruit. Yeah. All right. I just ditched Daryl and uh, we on Beverly and over writing tickets and we’re trying to get out of your course. They write tickets. So we’re going to head over to [inaudible]. We’re going to Beverly hills because uh, we saw that there is apparently a super trip fail Lamborghini there. So we’re going to go check it out. So stay tuned. We’ll be at Lamborghini checking out the Super Trofeo

okay. We have arrived and directly in front of me is um, what do they call this thing? It’s a squadron first squadron course of one curriculum. Correct? The coach of course a Huracan but super, super lit. Not Superleggera not what were we calling it though? The subregion fail. Not a soup spoon squadron. Corson it seems wider than mine. [inaudible] it seems like it’s been driven to, this is not street legal scoop scoop. And then you said it is carbon fiber. I met a go on the plan that’s got a carbon fiber lane below the knee. His whole like boot for his stop is all carbon fiber. [inaudible]

this is what the beast that I saw. Five or the 78. Oh yeah, the orange one. I like that man. That’s way up grades. Yeah, the Matte Orange. Do these cars sick. All right. We’ll take a minute to get a ticket. Quick run down of this, this thing. Oh yeah. You notice how it is? It’s like mine. It’s like it’s the, the gooseneck we’ll show reversed. Oh Yeah, same at Saint v 10. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, sure. We see you. You’re China. Oh good. Check it out. This is Carol on. Steve, what’s your name? You bind the insulin lesson. Cool.

Oh, get you here. We’ll get you on my stuff. Okay. Sweet food. If we fight videos. Thank you. Hey, we met some people from Argentina. Uh, we’re going to go in and uh, I just, I’m sure he just saw some video of that squadron. Corson not the super, super luxury enough to Super Trofeo, but there’s a lot of cool cars here. So I’ll do some, uh, video showing all the coal cars after we let them check out the inside, uh, the car, we’ll go check it out. Don’t be shy, just get in their car. So, and we’re losing battery so we’ll charge back up. Okay. We met some really nice people from Argentina came in and this is the first time, if you notice here in the background that I’ve seen an SPJ and had some time to hang out with that. Now in the last, the David Lee video, there was a white one that came through, but I didn’t really spend any time getting any video of it. It is pretty hot. You know, my favorite thing about this car is there’s two things. The center exhaust, you know what else is hot? This the engine bay, you know what it reminds me of is the Pagani and the, uh, a Koenigsegg. They will, the Pagani, the weather, the Pagani is, has that kind of triangle thing where they have, where you can see the engine.

My car does not have that. I wonder how well you can see through that Lambros. This is blue with red interior. Narrow. I’ll tell you what, I wouldn’t be upset with it. Okay, so the third thing is the wing. If you don’t like that wing, something’s wrong with you. That’s the thing though is you wouldn’t have to put a wing on this car. You couldn’t obviously put a wing on this car. Kinda like the perfect Montay. Well, I see that it’s the act, the Allah, it’s the same settings. The intake we’re going to hear. Part of it will come out of these events and then underneath here, inside the wing, and also adjust accordingly. Well, yeah. You wouldn’t want to rip that off, Huh?

I don’t, I’m don’t disagree with you. I’m just saying you probably wouldn’t be too upset. I don’t think you’d be too upset if you happen to have red seats in Spj girl. I love it. We saw a white one at the hanging wall eat a deal, but it was just kinda rolling through and I didn’t get to spend any time that I’ve seen plenty of pictures of it. I just haven’t got to see them. I had the, his toy drive that was in a couple weeks back was what? Oh, was it? Okay, cool. Yeah, white. We looked good. I just went through. Yeah, he went through and then I got video of the back and I got a picture of that was about it and then we left. So it’s hot. Yeah. Just trying to [inaudible]

bad drinking. Oljato speeding them up on him, on Amy and of them as evil. I’m like all them madrone how am I’ll call them a job. Probably call him a job called Alicia probably showing up and taking on jive in. My Tyson is speeding. I was read at an angle and if you owe him up on it on them and I save up and I called him with John, I’m going to back off as much on Charles. Call him much taller. Much on John. Okay. We just rolled out a Lamborghini, a Beverly hills, lots of cool cars. There are lots of stuff to see. Um, we’re headed, it’s still early here and I were headed to go have something to eat. Would they bossy? Got where eat twice as longer, like three hours. We’re going to do it and then we’ll do some running around in La. This is where I’m going to end it for the day, but stay tuned for the next video because I’m sure we’ll start a whole nother shenanigans tonight. It’s been fun running around in La. There’s lots of fun stuff to do, but make sure that you like the video. Subscribe to the channel, turn on notifications, all that fun stuff. There will be more and more fun. Tomorrow we have Lamborghini, Newport beach, their monthly car show, which is going to be awesome, so there’s lots of content coming. Thanks for watching. I’m Lambros, Steve. I’m out.