You’re going to need some new tires. Oh God, no, no, no. Try this at home for the blog.

Dot com if you Lambros knew the channel, Emily Ambrose, Steven is now day two of our travels from Oklahoma to wherever the door go. We don’t even know. We are somewhere in between Jacksonville, Florida, and Destin, which we lived earlier, uh, ran into some Lambros, uh, from our Lambros WorldCat and we’re this dodge challenger. See this thing you’d probably say if you went to the last video, we’re in this last night. Little Rev machine, but a Jimmy, he’s about to do some, let me do this for outside of the car. Get Out, let’s smoke some tires. I gotta put some shoes on. I’ll be right back. Okay, here we go. Here we go. Let’s see what this group

There it is. Look at the flag. This car, what the hell? Hi there. Sorry. Do Smoke. Here he comes. So was like a, that was like a eighth of a mile burnout. So if that was now, let’s see, we can get it from this angle. I’ll try not to get run over. We’re just making snakes on the road. People this Okay. What do you Lambros think James?

You’re going to need some new tires. Oh God, no tries to. Hell. We’re making, oh, okay. We’re going to go find a restroom because we’ve been traveling for about three hours. They had to be like a rough, you got us all. You’re writing right and we’ll try to get Paul winding down. We’re almost to Savannah, Georgia. I have been challenged by James. James, what is it exactly that you’re expecting me to do? I think it’s something that’s going to require me to take him a hundred dollar bill. Did. He has no skill. How did on a or did she got no skills? I’m a hundred dollar bill says you got no skills. I’m going to give him this apple what’s left of it and he’s going to have to hit a road sign on the side of the freeway while we’re, while we’re driving at 80 miles an hour. He will miss it. Guarantee You I get to pick the side. I don’t care what side you Lambros pick the biggest dance on you. Okay, here it is. Oh, here it is. You Lambros going to have to take this here, Carol, because I want to take this year. Apple. Take the apple. We’re going to get this on camera and dignity. Now how fast you’re going to go. I’m going, Huh?

Lock it. I don’t know. I think just to get steady speed. I think this our right here. Are you Lambros going to pull over on the shoulder and give me some? Nope. I gotta go over here and no, we’ll keep it Ryan at 17th. And all you gotta do is hit that side. I’ll go for the blue $100 bill. I’m going for the blog. I’ll alright. I hit that bed. You a lie. God. God, you better paid out. But whatever, dude, I thought I was going to find the car. Swerved out. Oh my God. I’m gonna pay you Lambros back in a minute. I’m going to grab that wheel. You’re in trouble, buddy. That’s your call back. Uh, we are somewhere near or around Jacksonville. Look at this guy. Oh my God. He about hit that dude. Oh my God. That man just ran off the road. Oh my God. So we’re in Jacksonville. We’re about to head north to Savannah. I want to hear your bed. Okay. This direction’s thing is some bull crap. It’s like stay left, but the sign clearly doesn’t say Savannah north and the other scientists Amanda North then. Then we miss our exit. Hang on a minute. We ain’t no weed. There’s me driving the car. He’s yelling out. Go left. Go. Right. Next thing I know this guy reaches over and grabs my steering wheel and tried to jam or there’s a center median coming up within like 10 feet. God, we made it. There’s another car next to us. He just grabs the stairwell. Arthur, are you crazy though? Because if you Lambros to just don’t want, I said you don’t.

You don’t touch man’s steer. We don’t touch another man steering wheel. Apparently everyone else, no other man radio. You can do that Charlotte, but you get your ass killed out of your block. Almost got grabbed my wheel. So we lived and then that band about crash by four lanes over in front of us to get off an accident. Oh yeah. Was also, we’re planning fun. I think we’re going to head to Vegas next week. Uh, go hook up with Houston at realty exotics, Houston. What’s up bro? Uh, James has talked to him. Maybe we go out there and man, I think maybe, yeah, if you go to Vegas and you’re going to like rent an exotic car, you’re going to get it from him. I don’t think you will have no doubt. You still really have a choice. That’s where it’s going to go. Royalty. People that are like, Hey, can I drive your car?

Yes. He has a Huracan actually has a twin turbo drive whenever you Lambros want to go drive. Got It. Just go out there and be like, Houston, here’s 1200 bucks. I’d like to take this for today. Andy is cool about it. Yeah. Yeah. He’s had some fun. Even has a, uh, uh, he has a years, I don’t know, rental years. He’s got everything. He’s got those little light go cart things. He’s got everything. He’s even got the Ferrara’s. Oh yeah, like I don’t know if they are way more expensive cause they’d appreciate it. I think they go down in value just from not already. I mean it’s crazy. People even noticed that they have, when they see the lamb beaus that’s it. I think they’re just for parking. I think he just puts him there to let people know, hey, we have a Ferrari in case like once a year or someone wants to rent one. Some of the older crowd comes in and they’ve got to have something for everybody. Right. It’s like people and me mall want to drive a car. We’ll put them in the Ferrari California. How’s that sound? Bars for five or the four five eight, four, eight, eight. It’s a little bit too slow for them and the exhaust sounds like crap, so let’s put her in the four or five. Eight.

All right. I’m trying not to shake this thing. It’s weird. These tires, they turn white. Everything turns white whenever you guys drive. We’re trying to get a video of it. I don’t know how he does it every time and it smells like crap. Oh, here we go there. After we were just talking about Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard and doing donuts, white smoke. Is that a pillow? Oh, got to go take it home. I got to go. Right. Well, hey, we are headed to Savannah. Jimmy over. Here’s got to do some work. Uh, we’re going to try to, uh, oh bumps. We’re going to try to, on a Friday, maybe head up to Atlanta to go with Matt, Kim and some of the other Lambros from there. But in the meantime, I’m going to turn off the camera so that I don’t exacerbate the situation. Me trying to make James Crack. Don’t touch my wheel. Lesson is don’t touch evil. Garcia’s will look, it was like, like this. Don’t touch my seal. Just bow out. Thanks for watching. Please drop a like, please subscribe if you’re not subscribed already and then we’ll see you Lambros in the next video later.