Yeah, he can’t get out because I had to crawl over. You Lambros have to crawl over. We’ll lock the door. No way in drag on the road in Savannah or are you going to jail or are we going

set up race here? Is that we’re doing

blam rose, Steve Currington. Dot. Come here. If you’re new to the channel. I’m Lambo Steve. That’s evil. Mercy logo. We’re in Savannah, Georgia. We’re in still in this challenger and we have yet to waste all the tires on it. Still got a little bit, we have a little bit left. If you’ve been watching in the previous videos. I don’t know what, what day this is. It’ll come out. But um, we’re still drafting around Savannah and you’re still cool town there were still roasted in the town. Yeah. And it really is, it’s a really nice, cool, historic town. Anybody else? Savannah, you know, give us a call. Yeah, I’m going hang out with you. Yeah, it’d be too late. We’ll be gone by then. But, um, I don’t know. James, you Lambros got some, you got some plans or something for the rest of these tires? Uh, yeah, I’m, I’m actually a planning on shredding them to the actual core.

I mean, I’m taking these tire, I’m murdering these tires today. They’re dying. We’re killing. Today’s the day that we’re going to murder these tires. We’re going to try and get down to the rims and then just take the car back and say, they told me, they said, hey, I’ve got the best insurance or is so you Lambros don’t have to bring the car back. Just bring the keys back. Nice. No. The keys on the debt and keep walking though the keys on the deck. So. All right, well I think I see an opportunity here. Yeah. I see a bunch of, hey yeah, watch this. A tour bus when it goes by, I’m gonna give him something to take a picture of.

Sun’s out, guns out. Oh yeah. Here we go. Shoot. There’s a cop pulled up next to us. Good. They got checked my rear view. Hey, let’s chase him down. Chase the Popo. This. Oh, we just flash somebody or a change and we made our lane change. He was letting you Lambros know. Yeah. That was on that thing. Yeah. He’s want to bleep, bleep, just like, you know, that was an illegal lane change. You do that again. You’re done buddy. Maybe we can get them to, oh, it’s the lights. We have a break or something. It’s like from hitting the brakes during a race. Oh, he’s me to get him to pull your ass.

You whistled at him like as if he’d get, are saying like, hey buddy, come on. Will you Lambros go to race? We’ll be back with some police action soon. Uh, we were not able to get that, that police man to play with us, but Jimmy’s about to try to go see this guy was a racist. You’re trying to get rid of the rest of these tires. All right. We’re trying to decide. We’re trying to sign it. If this car can do a better power stone in that car, that’s a rental. It gets a lot of houses and you try to do the next to that. Cop just drove past this a minute ago. We’ll set it.

Can you get a ticket for doing it was a cow. What movement you’re, it’s about what? Brain dry lane. Lane lane lane drag, like laying rubber down yet and you’d get a ticket for that. Nan already know what he was pretty cool though. We tried to get him to pull over but he wouldn’t do it. So, alright. I guess where you Lambros right or was I right? No, no. Lay and drag on the road in Savannah or are you going to jail? Yeah, always. How are we going to set up for a series that we’re doing? How he beat? Oh, you got to go?

I thought we were going to run them. It does pay fast. Bad. Can you break them loose? Hey, we tried to get him to break them loose, but he’s going to pull over and get, oh, he’s got to leave. We’ll wait till the police are gone before we roast him. He said he’s got to go. We ran them off. Poor guy. Ready? Here we go. Do it right here. [inaudible] oh, I think he’s coming back for us now. I’m on with it. We’ll be back. Ambrose from another mother though to this to my brother from another mother. Lambros from another Pam Bro. Rather than you’re my brother from my mother. That’s my brother from my mother. Uh, we are on Tybee island and uh, just near Savannah, Georgia. And we are driving down the road and James says, Dear God, look at that shark. Oh my God.

Where’s my garage? I know I went from my house. He’s made Nicole. You know what I mean? They just make it, you Lambros know. I bet you could get one. Saffery Joe. Oh yes, aren’t you? It’s probably get two of these garage kitchen. Oh, he’s got the, you know his restaurant. What’s the restaurant called? Shark bar. Shark Bar, man. Joe, you need a shark for shark bar. So we, oh dude, they rent surf boards here, James. So look, this road, this road essentially goes, I think we’re on the island. I mean, we’re like right by the, we’re right by the edge of the ocean right here on the far east coast of America. So stick around. We’ve got, the challenge would be doing donuts all day until he’s tires are gown. So stick around and watch Flambe rose. We are at a restaurant and the, what is this? What is this island called again? It’s called, I called Shark Shark Island. All right. Why don’t we just got a call from Johnny Bowmore racing. They call it the, they set the land speed records out there. If the Nash, the Kennedy Space Center, May 4th we’re thinking about maybe considering going to that, but then we’re like, we do that on, we drive on our own roads that we went on the ship, our cars, some track. Come on now, but I’m short bites here. Someone’s alligator alligator. Yeah.

That’s awesome. No, it’s good on its own actually. I’m actually really impressed with it. We went to the beach, a little miscommunication because James got out the car. I was on the phone. I was very, very straightforward with what you were doing. I’m getting out of the car. It’s in a parking area where you Lambros had to pay it apart. I said, I’m just going to walk in to check out the beach. You stay here in the car till I get back. I’m walking back. He’s out on the boardwalk. Sure enough, I get to the car. I got a $45 ticket sitting on my windshield, his car, and we will be careful otherwise, I didn’t know. I thought he wanted to interaction with the police. What he said all weekend. Finally got him one thing, parking attendants or another. I finally got him an interaction with a Parkington. I just complained about it. Apparently. I check this out. I think it, oh, look at that. Go. I think it’s a $35 ticket. Anyway, we’ll be back. Texted me once they, once it goes over so I can color, so you should be in your inbox. All right, thank you. This is going to be you or me. Ice Cream and now we came back to the car. Now we are parked this little area here. Now James Parked. I’m not driving. No surgery. Now you remember a few minutes ago

we got this ticket for the city of Tybee island because I got out the car and James like, oh, $45 $45 right James. That’s right. At this little note we got on the car, it says, I saved you $170 tow today, private parking lot, $10 all day. See, man in lemonade shop tag has been recorded. So basically what he’s saying is you Lambros come give me 10 bucks. What? Yeah, what are you going to do? I’m leaving.

We pay him. James is like, I’m not paying. Oh, he’s at the snow cone. Fresh lemonade stand. He literally left a note that said $10 all day. See Man in lemonade shop. Well, there’s no signs that say I’m going to start anywhere. There’s not a sign that says if you Lambros park here, it’s 10 bucks to park all day or anything like that. When I did go out this way, I’m going to drive right by him because that’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard. Goodbye. A sign. Where’s the sign at? Gringo sign. Besides his little paper note, Hey, let’s, all I’m gonna do is read, write paper notes, but on people’s cars that come give me money. I mean, but do you think the tow truck would have got here up in time, but we came in to bat. There’s no sign in the back by there was a design, but they’re one in the back. He’s in there to come see me back here. Come see man and still coachable again. See me drive off. Oh, he’s running. He’s coming after us. He’s got our tag, our tag.


Oh Man. Now we got to go find us a hotel. Motel holiday. Well the good news is we don’t have to pay for parking today because we just stick this back wall, this bad boy. Anyway in the car. We just park wherever we want. Can’t take it as twice, Huh? Double jeopardy. Double jeopardy. You okay? Try this twice for the same crimes, right people. This is almost the end of the day. We are checking into our hotel. They call it the hotel tybee James is back in a Santa’s nice, cozy little spot. Right? What are you doing dude? How am I going to get out? You Ain’t getting out. This person is going to be so pissed. They’re probably in that room up there. Oh yeah. I love it. Yeah. Give me that camera. Give me that camera. This is so, I don’t want to get any door dings on my side of the car.

I don’t like door dings.

Yeah, get out. You gotta be crawl over. You have to crawl over. Lock the door. Welcome to wherever. These people are going to hate all movement. No doubt. Hello.

Did the hotel and there’s a pigeon on our patio changed about to scare the crap out of it.

Let me know one. Love it.

Oh, hey, look bro. Look looking excel fast. Yes.


Froze. We met at to our hotel room. This is the beach. We’re in, uh, some little island and run off a Savannah, Georgia. We’re going to go up there and hit the beach. James has this really cool new little fan who’s bringing down there. It’s a fan that goes on your phone right there. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe. Drop a like all that fun stuff and what are you doing? Just do it. Don’t be scared.

Got It. Here actually. Yeah.