It’s about to take over that 30,000. Let’s get real close. We’re going to do it on the highway. Oh my dad. Oh God. Oh, oh my God, I missed that.

What up, what up, what up? It’s [inaudible] Dot Com Lambros Steve and I’m broadcasting live from none other than the Bentley and I’m broadcasting from the Bentley because as you’ll see in a few moments when we fast forward, the Lamborghini is all tore apart. It is. And if you Lambros follow my Instagram at all, you’ll know that I posted a little bit on there, but I’m going to get an intensive video in this book of all the things that are happening to the hurricane. So I’m getting ready to, I’m at the, uh, the place where they work on it, which I don’t really advertise because there’s a lot of really crazy cars here that we can’t, um, have shown anywhere. So I’m there. So I’m gonna like fast forward into the end of the shop where you don’t know where I’m at and we’re going to check out what they’re doing to her. Come in and we’re doing some upgrades and we’re doing some fixes and we’re doing some other stuff, but it is all tore up and you’re not going to believe it later.

That’s not too bad. I didn’t scrape it up too bad did I? So we’re going to take this off and I think my car’s missing, but there you Lambros go. There’s the overheating sign so you can see the wrap on there. Boom, boom, boom. And I don’t know if he has never said that they flipped by itself cause there’s no other person in here, but me can kind of see these back pieces where they lost them on painted to hold John Religious, sprayed them pretty nuts. Anyway, all of this is getting really done because it’s all shipped up. We’ll get lists all chipped up.

That’s the piece. A little sloppy. He goes in there, he goes like this. Well them apples. Alright, well that’s the story. Now where’s the Yellow Lambo? Okay, we’re back. Now I’m in a new undisclosed location in a different building in a different town. We might be in Mexico, you’ll never know. But here it is. Oh, we got some got some goods up in here. Not me. I mean this is what it looks like. 30 look at that. That’s 30,000 miles. Oh, beat up. I’m going to have you can’t call him back. Hey, you Lambros can do it. I was going to like comb quick. Fix that, but I don’t know if that’s going to work. Look at the eight up eight trees and twigs and all kinds of crap up in here and then we know what painting that fender. It looks good. It’s good putting up their buddy and those breaks are good. There’s quite a bit of break club there when you leave the lot of brake left there.

This is it today. Oh, the back end’s coming up tomorrow. So today flat tire right here. So we’re getting new tires. I don’t know. We might even get new wheels we got so we might even get a hit shit in this way. Someone who’s not here trying to hide the cancer. That tire was bent so that will event and the tire was flat. I’ll tell you, you Lambros always have to fix something. So we’ll be back soon. When the rear end is off record. Boom. All right. We’re in the shop undisclosed location. You see this beast behind me. It’s missing a front bumper. There is a little bit of a problem with rocks and then this I had to get repainted because these were just chipped. Chip, chip, chip chipped all up. You can see green under just from the factory. Lamborghini just has like green bumper. Then paint black owed. We’re kind of all set it right there so once that’s all dried up and settles, we will learn brought out so we don’t have that problem anymore. Then the Mulligan, my radiator is just getting crap. I mean by rocks and rocks and rocks are coming through there. But interesting thing I did not, I did not place this here, but they, they left it so that I could see it. They look what I’ve been carrying around.

It’s like a, it’s like a petrified frog. You Lambros see this thing? Oh Man. He came to see it. I have to like set it down on the ground here. It’s a little froggy. I’m going to keep this thing. It’s actually hard as a rock. Tastes really funny too. We’re going to put it right here and let it live in the Lambo, but all those had to come off. Maybe doing something new with these things are bent and then look at the back piece. Look at this beer like radiator back here too. That’s where the air intake in this whole piece, oh, the whole rear bumper off.

You Lambros can kind of see down in here with the Bab speed x pipe exhaust for tightening those bolts off. It’s a naked car you see under the under Billy and then they’re putting some screens on the front to protect the radiators a little bit better going forward. There’s that x pipe exhaust from fab speed hanging out in there. And then without getting too much of humans on camera, um, this is at fender. That’s about to get reparented chore or they need, Here’s the old old video that came off. Thank you to who you Lambros know, who you are, but not sending it on correctly.

And that’s the look. Now next door to me over here is that mercy logo, which is still going through the Cobra engine swap. I think they just moved. I can’t even really go in there and they’re tearing the, it’s disgusting to be honest with you Lambros so that they’re moving that firewall back to put the third seat in it. And uh, cause I have so much room with that Cobra engine that, uh, Jim’s granddaughter is going to have a way to ride in the car. So it’s going to be awesome. I can’t even show you Lambros video though right now tonight. I’m not even really often to be in here right now. I don’t think. Don’t tell anyone. So anyway, Lambo toward a health. Uh, but it’s all going to go back together and hopefully it’ll go back together correctly this time and pop them back in for something.

This is where, when the peace flew off and hit. So we’ve smoothed that out and they’re gonna blend this all in as the way they do it. And then once it’s all blended, they’ll re clear it and uh, that will, we’ll make it match. But this is like a three stage paint cause it’s got the, the uh, I don’t know what you’d call it. Like A, I dunno, it’s glossier. Shines in the lion. What the hell they call it, but something, it’s expensive. I’ll tell you Lambros that much. Luckily I’m getting all this comped so I’m not even paying for any of it because the guy’s just doing it out of the kindness of his own heart. It’s actually amazing. It’s free. It’s like a Freebie.