okay. I’m really scared right now because James is, James has put a target on me now. I’m afraid the Bixby police are gonna come get me. Oh, they’re going to, they’re going to cap you. So what are they going to do? Write your ticket for going.

Woo. I’m telling you Lambros made her day. They’re coming, bro. She, she just turned out, Bang it. Look at that. She’s coming after you. Oh, you’re going to get screwed. Please give me that camera. Got arrested. Oh crap. There’s one out there. I didn’t do it. It was t it was tea. I don’t know what he’s talking about. Officer [inaudible] my gun. Did he come straight? Oh, she definitely radioed and said some guy in a green and amber get anyway, anything you Lambros should be happy. I don’t know. He’s back there. He’s waiting on us. He’s coming. He’s, he’s got his nightstick out. He’s already go. He’s going to get you in all the bugs and get it. You’re so paranoid at this point. If I do get pulled over, I got to take the, uh, I got to take the stand off of the camera. You know, and then the set the camera on the dash like up there somewhere. Where can actually tell me here. Oh yeah, you can hold it. I’m telling you. Here he comes. I want to get that green Lamborghini. Here they come. I see his headlights back there. I’m gonna yell at him when he comes up here. Oh wait, this guy,

we have successfully avoided the Bixby PD. It’s called alluding league. We’ve included the piece PPD. We alluded the shit out of him. The Shit. He said. Shit kids. Right. So here’s the deal. We are headed, uh, I don’t know anybody coming as it just us homeys or you Lambros know how they are their schools. That’s why. So I’d take my car in California. None of my Lambros in Tulsa. One to hang out. Only James. These guys just show up without even calling. Yeah. You know what John? Jack Paar show. I guarantee you he’ll be like, what’s up guys? I’m going to be there. I was at my rent house across the street. Yeah, changing the sheets.

I’ve thought her come over and eat like, well you’re 87 minutes late. But good news is we just ordered. So, all right, we’re going to get our favorite restaurant tallies in Tulsa. It’s an icon. It’s on route 66 trillion is 11th street and Tulsa route 66 turns into 11th street. So we’ll go to tallies. Order some break fast. Good food. Good for, that’s what it’s called. Teles good food. We’ll be back. All right, we’re back at Mi Casa cause we gotta move that Bentley and get the acid out. And so since they’re both been sitting here for a minute, probably have a flat tire again. But let’s start. Let’s start this bishop. I love cold starts.

Amy, your car is so much wider than your dad. about a foot, foot and a half. Keep going. There you Lambros go.

Okay. Emma’s Outta town. Yeah, that’s called Bro. Swell like it. And what your car looks so awesome with the stripe. Now I can spot you Lambros in a crowd. Rogers. Jack looked role cause it doesn’t open from the outside. I believe this.

What’s under here. Woo Man. Is that a Chubby, epic, Colorado Chibe

this stupid garage door won’t open up that tab.

Hey, for those who have never seen a, did you Lambros do a Aston Martin left, right? Yeah. You can see Jimmy get it. You haven’t seen Jimmy get that. Oh, we’ll talk about the, I think the key is super cool. Oh, I did all that. Yeah,

keep going in. Yeah, I actually said that’s the most annoying thing about the car.

Oh, yummy. Yummy. So you v can get this thing out. [inaudible] [inaudible] the camera is, but try to hit the [inaudible]. Oh yeah, he got out. Still. Repeat

people will be back when we get to breakfast, maybe some road shots. We’ll see. Okay, we’re getting gas. James is getting gas. The lamp. It was for gas, but as we’re sitting here now, it’s, it’s a gloomy, rainy day in Tulsa. It’s all wet. And normally we don’t see UNICORNS. Right. Because I don’t know what it is. People don’t drive their Ferrari’s, but today we’re here getting gasoline. James, they’re all not get gas. But you know, here comes the four, eight, eight. Let’s get it.

it’s a spider too.

Hey, a Ferrario under the drives his car. I mean that if I, that’s a unicorn. I’ve ever seen one.

Okay. I’m like, Sean’s a gas station. James took off and chase the, uh, the Texas. Alrighty. So we’re gonna roll up and meet a friend, it looks like. So here we go for it. Eight spider right there. He asked him March and repeat in front of us. So,

uh, we’ll get some never before seen footage of like, he’s just gonna go up and meet him. I love it.

he’s just like, what’s up? This is how we meet super car owners. You Lambros just roll up on him. You’re like, what’s up? Love your car.

And then

he probably got the guy’s number getting dudes numbers. Jimmy Jerry got, I did summer. Here we go.

Off we go. All right. In true Lambros chase down to the Ferrari and we’re doing the,

put the top down on the spider things super quick and pretty awesome. Upside down. Boom. Oh Wow. Pretty sexy. [inaudible]

this is a daily driven. Yeah. Can, okay, we’re out. [inaudible] we have arrived at tallies. Good food cafe. Boom. All in stock route 66. So Jimmy is going to hit the button and I’m just gonna walk. You Ain’t first. You’re last. So we’re dealing with here. Yeah. All right. I beat him in the restaurant. Had beat him out. We still offer, they’re scared to cross the street. It’s hilarious.

Yeah. Again Dad, come on. Don’t be scared. I believe out our dog. Oh yes. Oh, oh daddy. Yeah.

Hello. 20 minutes later. Okay. That’s it.

Boys or girls that just ditch Jimmy and uh, just kidding. We’re going to, we’re going downtown to the Bok Center, uh, to sell the acid. Martin, he’s a meeting the guy guy wants to buy it, sits in his garage all time so someone else might as well drive it. So we’re going to haul down and do the bok center and then that will be the end of the day today. Thanks for watching. Make sure you subscribe. Turn on notifications. And if you have liked the video, actually like it, press the like button. I need likes and I also need lots of hours watched up. You can put me on a loop. I’d appreciate it. That’s a Popo and I got to go.