Brakes and my brakes. God Dang. Oh, what did you freaking Popo

Ah, Shit. Bobo.

What up? What up? What up? It’s Lambros Steve and I’m here with, I dunno. Lambrini Lambrini Emma and uh, we’re heading, it’s Christmas Day and we’re doing some driving in the Bentley now. Uh,

it was going to turn left up here. Right here at, this stuff’s out of this sign right there. Okay. You Lambros gotta turn on Hug. All right, cool. So anyway, we’re going to go back here and do some high speed runs cause this is just like a dead end road and pull over here to the curb and then we’ll just stop and I’m going to get out. And uh, I’m going to video while she like hammers on the gas and uh, try not to have a wreck. Just go down to the end and then turn around and come back. But don’t hit the curb with anything. So here we go.

She called, got a high speed run. Okay. So listen, listen, I have not had a DNA test, so I don’t know that this is why kid based on that performance, I’m not certain that, uh, that it is, but let’s get her to come down. Maybe when she comes this way. Now she’s 16 folks. She’s 16 years old. Here she comes. Here she comes.

Oh yeah. Oh, oh. Oh

she, yeah, she really got on at that time. That the whole day and the lock, the brakes locked up. Huh? Got The biggest breaks you see on a car rolled down the windows. Well, them all down and the back ones. There you Lambros go. Alright, I’ll come back. You Lambros got lots of room. You’re good. All right. You’re good there. Now get right here in the middle and do that again, except this way. Turn the wheel straight. All right. Here we go. All right. Whenever you’re ready.

all right. Okay. I think she was hauling that time. I think that was pretty impressive. Uh, that car sounds good too. So let’s a piss off the neighbors. Let’s, let’s go find a different spot to do the, uh, uh, high speed run. Oh, maybe she’s going to come back this way. Let’s say you go


I’m right. In the meantime, we’ll a meantime, whatever that means. We’re going to go find, I don’t know,

another sneaky place to do some high speed runs. Stay tuned.

Well, okay, now we are hauling down another road here in Tulsa. I think we need to know break them at breaks. God Dang, you Tryna hit the back of that car. Notice Jesus. Help me. Oh my God. This is the giant Air Horn in this thing. He was making fun of my little Air Horn because he said it wasn’t loud enough. Checkout Rainbow Light to health. That means

better not be feeling frisky. Yeah, you’re be staying at the house all day. I’d have a lot of guns. Let’s go. I think what we do is go down here and just see if we can find some people to drive by. We’ll roll the window down and shoot the air horn and see if it just scares the piano. They just pee right there on the ground. That’d be awesome. We can’t do it to cars while they’re driving, but oh my God, you literally, I thought we were going to die. You Lambros literally crashed us in the back of the van.

Yeah. Push on these 16 and a half yet to 16 and a half of February. Right now she’s really, you are driving. Maybe you should learn, not the tailgate tight.

Well in garlic, really? One car length. When you’re going 40 miles an hour and there’s someone stops, you’ll just crash. You show me what book that’s in. Let’s get out and fight. Then you can,

no worries. In my front bumper is all broken. The first one I’ll show you. I’ll show you how much she, she act up. My mother, I think she probably took it out while I was gone in La. I strategically did the keys, but they wasn’t there when I got home. Sally said there was some, I had to move his self and happened that’s what I think was, oh no. I’ll show you when we get out there.

We’re still tailgating the frickin ban here. There’s a significant crack in the bumper now that wasn’t there previously. Would you know anything about that now? I just did the first one when I had my permit. She just did the first one. Can you Lambros please not hit this car. Oh my God. I know and we are fine cause I’m telling you when to break because you don’t know when the break. Jesus h Christ. All right, let’s roll down windows and tobacco. Thank to all right. Now let’s see when this thing turns green. I’m just going to blow this horn and see if it gets those people to move

loud into the popo owner. They heard it. Oh Geez. That’s the police.

oh we’ve got to get an under this bridge right here cause they’ll echo like crazy in this virgin already. Whatever, whatever it turns green. Are you doing driving guys? You got to kind of go a little flow. Whenever we take off, we give them, when you Lambros get on

the bridge you’ve got to punch it so you can hear the exhaust and then like listen for the horn.

All right, here we go. Here we go. Oh No, we’re back.

I don’t know day. What happened, what happened? All of it filled out.

Oh, it’s for a marine. That’s why for the marine we’re not in the marines go through quicker. get over or use your blinker now. Anyway, we were all cooped up in the house, so I said, Emma, let’s roll. Go right juice. Get them inside of this.


Oh man, we’re rolling. Well, drawer the back. Go around the back. The cops are here. The counselor here. I wasn’t as Sir


Uh, all right, we got to go.

okay. We’ve met our way away from the police at quick trip. And what’s the one place open on Christmas usually? Yeah, so I think there’s one up here on the left. Nope, go straight. And then at the next light we’re going to let the look to the left and then we’ll be at a Starbucks and then maybe we can get one of those latte sipping party, like pretty dirty coffee drinkers at a Starbucks. No iPhone

off. Just a coffee psychopath. That guy just sitting there drinking coffee. Come on. What is wrong with you, sir?

I don’t know. Maybe we’ll, maybe we’ll see another, maybe it won’t just be me and you and the family. I don’t know if we can do that today. At some point you’re going to want to drive on the grass.

Slow down, slow down, slow down, and then the next driveway after that. Oh No, it was upside down. You can’t, you Lambros can’t hang it upside down homes. There’s another job. The police are everywhere today. It’s Christmas goes. What’s wrong with your families? Turn right. We’ve got to get out of here. Turn right. You know writers? Yeah, man, we’re going to our box. Well, we already went through there and there was no action. Go straight that way.

Loud care. Who you Lambros are that Walmart’s clothes, their clothes.

No, you Lambros don’t ever want I go, it’s a disguise. All right. We’ve arrived at a random parking lot so that Emma can do some like practice parking because she can’t get in between the lines.

What did you just do? Stop. Don’t pull forward anymore. Okay. This is going to be fun. What did you Lambros do when you,

oh, nice.

Good one.

Okay. It’s fine. It’s not actually fine. I’m just going to go take a walk. It’s not actually mine.

Okay. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Uh, I don’t think it’s that bad.


Well, with that, I think that’s the end of this blog. I’m going to kick her out of the car, get back in myself, because I don’t want her to smash it into curbs anymore. I think that’s the second time she’s done that, but I’m not pissed if you’re watching this. I’m not pissed at all. Thanks for watching. Subscribe. Turn on notifications. I have plenty of shenanigans that are continuing to come. Maybe we’ll do a video about Emma paying to fix the Bentley. Maybe that’ll be next.