Get a nice shot of the wolf school. Madam girl got, Dang my phone, my phone. Did you Lambros build a little pothole? Embers? There’s always been a pothole right there. I was trying to go slow for it. Did you hit a giant pothole?

I swear to God I thought she was about to hit. I thought she was about to drive off the edge.

Yo Yo Yo, what is up? Lambros I’m Steve Currington if you’re new to the channel. Well I’m Lambros Steve and I’m in my garage right now with my whiteness. And that’s uh, Emma, Emma Kate Currington back there. That’s a modeling nine one eight right there. But we have the white Lexus, the White Bentley in the white Lexus, and then the other white Lexus out there. We’d like to do white. But the White Bentley you Lambros remember is the one that the child, well, young lady might have crashed. So let’s see, it’s been sitting here. I just had to put air in the tire because that air, it’s been sitting here since she drove it. So I think today is the day that I’m going to drive it again. We’ve got, are we better give her a chance to redeem herself where she maybe can go an entire day driving it without that smashing the bumper. Okay. And I’m not mad maybe a little bit, but since we are here and it’s been sitting here for so long, Emma, I think we need to give it a a, it’s going to be a very cold start. So let’s see what this sucker sounds like. Here we go. We had opened the garage cause it’s, you’ll get way too loud. Start her up.

we’ll be back. All right, so we are backing out of the driveway today we are heading to white glove because we have the most nastiest mats that are in this thing. And I bought the new diamond stitching that’ll go through the back and the luggage rack and um, it really shouldn’t make the car look a lot better. You Lambros can’t really see the format down there right now, but we’re headed to white glove auto to see Myron. You Lambros have seen him on the channel before. Myrons a good dude. We like him a lot and he has hooked us up with some sweet diamond stitch mats. They’re black with red stitching and they just came in because they have to custom make these in every single one of them. So we ordered these things like, I don’t know, two months ago or something like that. So here we are, we’re off to white glove. Um, we will reconvene when we get there and hopefully get a nice shot of the wolf man. The girl got Dang my phone. My phone Janet. Okay. People we are arriving at white glove. Uh, we have not crashed yet, but we’ll see if Emma learns how to stop in between buildings here. All right, good. So Emma pull into white glove. I think we go to the second garage past the Green Mustang. That’s otherwise sweet sounding Mustang. I’m not a huge Mustang lover, but that crowd surfer, oh we passed it. It’s got,

it’s got big giants like labels on the door and we like choice. Drove right past it. So first up, what car there? So anyway, we are going to pull up to the door and just see if we can pull right in tobacco that way. There you Lambros go. Yeah, cause I want you Lambros to pull forward that way. The left door. Okay, here we go. We’re at white glove auto. Okay. There’s this thing at the right side. You say the left side. The right side. Okay. We have a wait, what are you doing? Pull around and I think pulled up to the, to the wrong door.

So now we’re going to pull up to the correct door and see if maybe we can sneak this baby inside. Actually this is the side with the lift. So maybe we’re going to go, we’re going to go up under, we’re going on the left. You’d better let, oh, hold on. I gotta get on video of this. Hold on.


You Lambros haven’t taken the car on the lift. I hope your lift. I’ll hold a 5,000 pound car. Good. All right. Here we go.

See how she does. Maybe she won’t like knock it off the lift.

Here she comes.

I swear to God, I thought she was about that hip. She was about to drive off the edge. Oh my God.

Oh my gosh. Hey Dad. Yes. Okay, we’re here. Emma did not drive the Bentley off of the lift, which was good. But I want to see you show you now this is a $275,000 a new brand new. This is 225,012 2010 that’s the format. Similar to what you’d find, I dunno. Maybe in a Prius. Yeah, a career. So that’s where the [inaudible] we’re gonna go all up in there. Well, let’s go see the product Marren who makes these Monique Nietzsche. Now you Lambros do not go to Maniaci to order these. I tried. You got to Myron to order them and he will spec it and make it perfect for you. Myron at white glove. Myron Myron. So, and then they sent these, which a lot of times when they’re making for a Bentley, they, they think we have a back seat. We don’t. And this particular car, I think probably every Bentley they would make these for this would work in but not the super sport because it does not have a backseat does it ever, this is why I’m, I won’t drive it as her primary car cause she wants to take friends. So maybe we’ll get a nice luggage rack additionally through what this is. And then once we get some driving on the road, we’re going to try to, soon as you get these installed, try to get dirty him up. See how they hold up, what do they were good. Sweet.

And then, uh, off camera we’re going to talk about, uh, what we’re going to do to Emma’s new Lexus because um, it’s time for rapping.

okay. We are leaving white glove. We got the uh, Matt 10, and we made some plans for a rap on the Lambo and on the white Lexus of Emma’s. And maybe my way it looks as we shall see, but we did have Myron back it out because you Lambros know, I might crash it and uh, now we got to go pay the man. Apparently they like getting paid around here. So, um, when we get done here, we’re going to run and get ms car. She’s gonna come back up and get some measurements for her car and uh, we’ll probably drive around a little bit and see what we can get into, but we will be back. Okay. We’ve made it back. The Bentley is back in its spot where it’s gonna stay actually on my, you’ll drive it. She was driving him. Why not? I think I need to take it down to Dino’s. That’s I’m going to do, we’re going to go to Dino’s tarn wheel and we’re going to see if dino can fix that bit rim up there. Especially since driving through the rain. Did you go a little pothole? Embers, but did you hit a giant pothole? No, it was a small one or two of them, maybe one, but it hit both wheels. When you have a Bentley with 22, she came to hit a rock. They just get, Ben’s

probably losing air right now. It’s terrible. If you’re watching, please subscribe and if you liked the video, please give it a thumbs up and turn on notifications and all that fun stuff. Share it with someone. I need lots of hours viewed. So if you have subscribed, please watch my videos, put them on a loop, do something like that. We will be back later.