You’re mean, but you’re wondering why I pulled you over this this evening. Okay. Oh, it’s her first ticket pose for the pick. Honey. I tried to get here before the top left so I can get the lights on. The lights were on. How fast were you going? But you Lambros thought it was a 50 just trying to go get some hot wings. He’s from, let’s try and get some hot way. He’s from top gun. Awesome. Well, who got ya? What’s his name? Did he know? Your man says reduced 65 to 40 there’s no way I was doing the truth comes out.

See some guy with a bunch of tattoos. Write all over this car.

He already cream. This will last night. Where’d he get it? Where do you Lambros get it? But, oh yeah.

What does that put us [email protected] you’re watching Lambros can do to the channel.

That’s why I wrote Daryl today. We’re having fun now. You Lambros think this is my car. This is not my car. That is a six, 10 dash four by cars over there. My Dad’s car. So funny story, Darrell. Uh, having some parking problems recently. I haven’t driven in three weeks. This dude just about creem this wheel. He already cream this wheel last night. Where do you get it? Where did you get it? But, oh yeah. Right there. Right there. Right

there. Right there. Oh yeah. It looks like

corrupt. Dude. If I was you Darryl, I would get new wheels.

Alex, don’t even park by me. Hey, we at Lamborghini Newport beach. We’re almost there. We’re at the chase bank next door. Uh, the, um, what do they call this? The monthly cars and coppers supercar show. So the monthly supercar shows that liberated Newport beach, they will let us in it. 9:00 AM and we will have, I’ve already seen a bunch of epic cars that are here besides ours and I think you Lambros won’t be disappointed. They’re going say green. Aventador um, there was a couple of Ferraris around back. I know, it’s crazy. I can’t believe people who are driving them, but uh, stay tuned because I think Darryl is on a mission to wreck his car at some point today. So you must stay tuned. Okay. Now the few cars that I invited her to Ryman

fellows right in here. Yup, that’s right. Could you see you Lambros good to see you. See you. Good to see you love the Superwinch terra [inaudible] my friends, you’ve seen this, they’re all over. They’re still quite in his car. He got up at 4:00 AM he’s been cleaning that car. You can’t rub the curb rash off the curb rash. Does it come off sir?

Okay. Our first drama of that I, Oh, let’s look at that super narrow. Uh, the police have already showed up. Try to tell these people these nights, people over here, they can’t park in handicapped spots where they have a handicap sticker. [inaudible] it’s all good guy, not a baby calf spot. Furthermore, even though it is a private parking lot for chase, so I guess over here in Costa Mesa, I try to tell you Lambros that you Lambros can’t park in private parking lots come on and you, they’re not even on duty. So they might just got hired to come work the event. Hey, first minute and I’m going to go and film the police in a minute doing the morning.

Okay. We are in the line. We got behind this sweet Ford Gt. Um, this motorcycle cop was on a mission, by the way. He’s literally always got, he’s got a, he’s got a microphone and he’s telling people they have to go around. So it’s, it’s actually got a fight. I think I might get in a fight with that guy today. That’s what’s going to happen. So, but anyway, we’re going into Lamborghini then we, we’ll see which way they have been on park dolls. Well, here we go. Okay. We just found Bugatti, a center row with a bonus. Chiton Arielle

okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. This is Alanna. Cool cars. We have two primary pieces like right next to each other. Boom, boom. And then it’s just like lamb

low row lambo. That’s actually the 10, 15. Okay. That’s on that pretty hot. Flambeau Flambeau Lambo, Lambo. again, Santa row. Sweet Bugatti back there. We’re gonna try to find some people that we know. So okay. It’s like Senna, Senna Center. oh dear God. what happened here? How can I use that marker, Bro? No, it’s a temporary guy with a bunch of tattoos. Write all over this car. We’re still cops. How’d you Lambros find a spot that was open? We

are a about wrapping up at Newport beach and we are meeting one of my Instagram people that I follow. He follows me. The one legged monster. It’s in La. So I’ll be getting you Lambros on my channel. Howard. What’s up? What’s good man? A good pleasure meeting yet. So, but yeah, they’re, they uh, Nate, they pulled him over in there and then he was cussing at the cop. He was pissed. So we’re going to, uh, there’s a little restaurant, I’ll text you Lambros a picture of, there’s restaurants Riverside or somewhere, 15 minutes from here and we’re all going to go after gay. And I am who’s with the, he’s got the Sena and he’s got the Chintan and all that. Uh, they’re going with some guys that ended my buddy Darryl’s here, but we’ll walk in here and okay. That’s the end of the day for today. We are at Lamborghini Newport beach.

We have seen every center that probably is in the United States right now, probably we call it the center row over there as well as two Chintan Ariosa. The one legged monster showed up. Lambo. Darryl showed up, everybody showed up. Everybody’s leaving. They want to go to hobby airs. We don’t like hobby airs cause they don’t do real case of like, I like it, but we will be doing some runs on the road. I’m sure I’ll get that for a later blog. But this is a pretty amazing day. Lots of centers, so thanks for watching. Subscribe, like turn on notifications, all that fun stuff later.